Habbox will return shortly!

Why are you here?

We are doing maintenance work on the MySQL databases. - We will continue updating you via our twitter account, which is @Habbox. We apologise for any of the inconvenience this may cause.

Latest Update:

All Habbox websites are back online. If you still see this page then you should clear your cache.

27/10/14 20:28 GMT:

Database work is going well, and we hope to be back online within the hour. Hopefully this will solve subsequent database issues, but we will be implementing more proactive automated tasks to help mitigate future problems in the coming week. Thanks for bearing with us.

27/10/14 18:49 GMT:

We have taken all Habbox sites offline while we do important maintenance work on the MySQL databases. We shall be back shortly. Check this page and also the @Habbox twitter account for updates.