Habbox will return shortly!

Why are you here?

We have come across an issue with the server, which we are trying to fix now. This may take some time - We will continue updating you via our twitter account, which is @Habbox. We apologise for any of the inconvenience this may cause.


Saturday 7th June 2014

16:36 HabboxForum is now stable. We are working to repair databases for all of the other Habbox websites hosted on the server. We will then be cleaning up and optimising services for the best redundancy and performance. If you cannot access HabboxForum then please do clear your browser cache and you should be able gain access to it.

16:06 The server is back up and running after running a full on memory test on the server which has taken a number of hours. We are now working on restoring the Habbox websites and opening them back up to the public. We will be working on HabboxForum first. As always we will posting the main updates on our twitter account.

Previous Days

23:47:HabboxForum.com and HabboxWiki.com are back open to the public - We are still working on restoring all of the Habbox websites back to a stable condition. At this moment in time all sites apart from HabboxForum and HabboxWiki will be redirected to the forum. If you still can't see HabboxForum then please remember you need to clear your cache.

22:34: We have decided to put all the Habbox websites back into maintenance mode while we work on getting each site back up stable enough for public use. We will be working on the site one by one while this work is taking place. We apologise for the downtime and thank you for your patience during this period of time.

22:02: We are slowly bringing back each Habbox site online. Please keep clearing your cache to gain quicker access to the Habbox websites once they have been taken off maintenance mode. This will help you stop seeing the "Habbox is down" page.

21:51: HabboxForum.com is now back up and running - Please clear your cache if it's still redirecting you to the down page when you try and access it.

21:38: Restoring the HabboxForum database.

21:26: We are attempting to restore the databases for each Habbox website one by one. First we will be working on HabboxForum.