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HabboxLive is the official radio station for Habbox. It offers the most modern pop tune anthems as well as more classic and unusual choices in music, which opens out the range of listening immensely. Originally founded by Kristian.K10, HabboxLive is now owned by the two co-owners of Habbox.

HabboxLive is currently managed by hannahpig.

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Join our professional team of DJ’s as they bring you the best, and only the best, tunes! With the fun and exciting competitions being hosted throughout shows with the aim to entertain, you’ll never get bored! We also have a request line located on the right side of the website where you can send a message through to the current DJ’s, with any song requests, competitions or jokes and shout outs you may have!

On the other hand, if you’re more of a music aficionado and fancy yourself as a HabboxLive DJ, check out the jobs on offer by clicking here!




HabboxLive has always been one of the most popular departments, with slots being broadcasted 24/7.

The history of the radio begins back in August 2004 when jrh2002 and Wayne_J felt Habbox would benefit from having its own radio. jrh2002 purchased and Wayne_J (a technician) helped to create the radio as a secret project without the most the Habbox staff knowing about it, including Sierk and Mizki, who was a DJ at another site at the same time.

At its height, Habbox Radio managed to get over 400 listeners and regularly had over 300 listeners – and their work was recognised when they won Best Habbo Radio in the first Fansite Awards.

Over the next few years, there were many management changes while the department stayed relatively stable, shaken only by the loss of official status. Managers such as ,Jess, (who served an incredible 1,577 days as management in total) and H0BJ0B introduced elements such as weekly shows.

As more fansites were introduced and Habbo’s popularity began to decrease, so did the listeners, and managers were faced with the task of how to get more players to tune in. Many ideas have been attempted – more competitions, user-interactive shows, guest spots, productions and much more – which helped to gain more listeners. Special shows now can gain almost 100 listeners at times!

In 2015, HabboxLive was merged into the main Habbox site, and now the two have a home in one place.

HabboxLive Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Habboxlive Manager since the department first started:

[table id=22 /]

Assistant Habboxlive Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Habboxlive Manager since the department first started:

[table id=23 /]

Staff roles


The department has different categories of DJs – but every member of the department is expected to keep the radio online! The senior roles add more responsibility to look after other members and the department as a whole.

Guest DJ / Regular DJ These people are what make up the HabboxLive department: they have regular minimums to meet and are the ones who bring excellent quality shows to Habbox. They’re split into teams, which are led by a Head DJ.
Senior DJs Senior DJs are responsible for assisting the Managers with reporting issues on the radio and helping write monthly reports for DJs. They often listen to shows and send feedback to DJs, helping improve show quality.
Head DJs Head DJs are future HabboxLive Managers. They’re responsible for leading teams of DJs / Mentors & Senior DJs, guiding them into the right director. They DJ, give feedback, help write reports, issue warnings/cautions and often assist the Managers with looking for new staff.
(Assistant) HabboxLive Manager HabboxLive Managers work throughout the year to make sure the department is on top form. They oversee the workings of the department, as well as recruiting new staff, holding events, writing reports and DJing themselves. They’re the people who decide on big HabboxLive issues and have regular contact with the General Management team.


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