Habbox Summer Spectacular

Habbox Summer Spectacular

The 13th Annual HxSS is HERE! Four teams enter, only one will come out on top. With over 7,000 credits in prizes, you DON’T want to miss out. Find out more here!

Habbox Summer Spectacular
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Recruitment Ambassadors


The Recruitment Ambassador department at Habbox, originally known simply as Recruitment, work closely with all other departments at Habbox in promoting their departments and hiring new staff members.

The current (Assistant) Recruitment Advisor’s Manager is nic01e



The Habbox Recruitment Advisors department, was first opened in December 2016 with Yuxin as the manager. The department was soon closed until 30th September 2017 when revived by despect who brought bright ideas to the department as well as job fairs to help bring staff to Habbox. After 53 days of despect being a manager, he handed over the reigns of the department to the new manager ThomasLaws.


Advisors Managers

The table below shows the name of people who have been Advisors Manager:

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Assistant Advisors Managers

The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Advisors Manager:

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Staff Roles


There are only three roles in the Ambassadors Department.
Ambassador Recruits members to join one of the departments at Habbox.
Senior Ambassador Senior Ambassador works closely alongside management to make sure the team is running as effectively as possible. They are the teams first port of call before going to management.
Ambassadors Manager Works with the rest of the staff in the department to listen to users’ suggestions and come up with new ideas. They oversee the projects and assign things to do, They also oversee applications to the department.


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