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[Guest Article] Holocaust Revisionism: A Brief Introduction0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Written by Tallcoolguy700

The Holocaust has been regarded as the major story of the Nazi regime during World War II, an event that resulted in the death of six million Jews by means of homicidal gas chambers in Polish extermination camps. It also includes the Buchenwald atrocities that range from shrunken heads to skin lampshades. We are taught to accept these events without question. Some people do not believe they happened, and have been jailed for their opinions. Why is this a crime when it shouldn’t be? I’ll take you through a brief lesson.

Most people connect The Holocaust with Hitler because extermination dates back to the manuscripts of the rejected book, Mein Kampf. Hitler talks about his hatred for Jews and blames them for Germany’s loss during WW1, and the way to fix this would be to remove them from Europe. The reality is that Hitler never intended a plan for extermination. Hitler wanted to help the Jews to immigrate to another place where they would be in a better financial state. The Holocaust was, in fact, the creation of a network of camps meant to house Jews and other undesirables until they could be transported for such immigration. When the Allies started attacking, Hitler ordered Heinrich Himmler to come up with a solution, which was to move the Jews to Madagascar. When that failed, the Jews had to be used as slave labor for the German war effort, and with typhus and allied attacks, chaos in the camps erupted. I don’t support what Hitler did but I do support the truth, and I hope after reading this you’ll look into this more with an open mind.

You may not have known this already since it hasn’t been taught in your history class, but the Nazis actually made efforts to save lives in the concentration camps. In Germany, medical personnel helped treat prisoners using DDT. Germany and Poland used a pesticide called Zyklon-B to delouse clothes and hair, but it’s also claimed to be the deadly poison used in 2 camps. Contrary to what is said in the official narrative, Auschwitz showers had real water. It seems that the Germans loved the preservation of life and not the extermination of it.

Auschwitz 1 is home to the infamous gas chamber and crematoria that many people still visit on tours of the main camp, even though it does not hold up that a gas chamber was ever in use there. Outside the building you should see behind the facility that there is a large chimney not connected to the actual structure, which you’d need to cremate bodies. Inside the building, you see no blue staining, which is the result of repeated Zyklon-B use. If you look at the walls, you see outlines for what appear to be doorways to other rooms, like the connected crematoria. The gas tight door at the end of the room is very flimsy, with a glass pane and a handle. How could this have been a gas chamber if everything contradicts it?

In a similar fashion, the gas chamber at Majdanek is blatantly listed as a bath and disinfection building. If you look inside, well, next to the gas chamber there really is a bathroom, with a tub and shower. There’s even a window in the room where the gas chamber is, which is unbarred and can easily be broken. Surely if there were a bunch of panicking prisoners they could have broken the window and climbed out? The issue is that even with such information, it’s still falsely labelled as a gas chamber.

In 1988 at the trial of Ernst Zundel, the leading expert on execution equipment came to testify, his name being Fred Leuchter. Fred Leuchter visit Europe and the camps containing alleged homicidal gas chambers, in an effort to determine if the buildings were properly equipped to handle mass gassings. He took samples from the gas chamber walls and the delousing chambers, and the results surprised him. There was hardly any cyanide residue in the walls of the gas chambers and the actual gas chambers were deemed inoperable the way they were previously claimed. Leuchter’s findings were published as The Leuchter Reports, which were used at trial. Shortly after, his findings were also confirmed by Germar Rudolf in his own reports.

Over the years, revisionism has spread and is constantly growing among individuals across the world. I got interested in the topic a few years ago watching some very well informed documentaries and reading some books. My goal is to spark revisionism among younger people, like you. There is a lot to watch and read and I’m happy to share it with you, so that you can do your own research and maybe contribute in your own way. If you want the truth to be known, as do I, don’t be afraid to make a difference. In parting with this article, I hope I’ve enlightened you all, so that you don’t take history at face value. Fight for the truth and stand proud.

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