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Rare Spotlight: Silverback Gorilla1
By - Posted 22nd May, 2021

The current Curious Antiques campaign is due to see the release of four new rares in total – including a Sherlock-inspired detective outfit and a Victorian inspired hairstyle which we’ve already seen in the past few weeks. One rare, however, somewhat stands out: the new Silverback Gorilla.

“Read more” to hear more about this rare!

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What’s coming in June?1
By - Posted 21st May, 2021

In the past Habbo have taken us all over the world, from Japan to Greece & many other countries along the way.

Next month we’re packing our virtual suitcases again:

In June, Habbo is taking us all the way to Thailand!



Click “read more” to see what’s coming soon to Habbo

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[Habbox] Murder Mystery Pt.II4
By - Posted 19th May, 2021

We thought we had solved the Murder Mystery of 2019… but it
appears a tip has been left asking HxPD to reopen the case!

Room Owner: Ozad

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway!

Difficulty: Easy

Click the elevator to begin!

Click read more for the full guide!

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Bundle Re-Releases: Love Them or Hate Them?5
By - Posted 11th May, 2021

Since 2010, over 200 room bundles have been released into the catalogue – many of which have been released a second, third or even fourth time. This has often been a point of contention with some players, and opinions are often split on whether these re-releases are a good idea, or just bad news.


So what’s the verdict? Are bundle re-releases a welcome part of Habbo campaigns or just a waste of time and credits?

“Read more” to explore the world of re-releases!


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What’s Coming to Habbo in May?5
By - Posted 23rd April, 2021

In the past, Habbo have taken us on a time travelling journey with monthly campaigns such as the Victorian Christmas, Footsteps of the Ancients and Ancient Greek campaigns – and it seems like next month is no different!

This May it seems as though Habbo is taking us back to the 1800s – to the Victorian era! Are you ready to hop on a Penny Farthing in your snazzy detective cap and take a trip through history?

Click “read more” to see what’s coming soon on Habbo!

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