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I'm feeling lucky...

I'm feeling lucky...

We're so proud of our fantastic Wiki - the fastest growing and largest resource on all things Habbo. From LTD tracking to event guides and staff info - check out a random pae by clicking here!

I'm feeling lucky...
Rare Values

Rare Values

Check out Habbox's iconic values! We've been valuing furni for longer than some of you have been alive. Everything from LTDs to clothing to ultras...

Rare Values
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The Truth Behind the Tradelock!0
By - Posted 7th January, 2017

News coming directly from Habbo Hotel!

News coming to you directly from Habbo insiders!


Recently, we have been seeing rumours going around Habbo of what actually happened in regards to the marketplace being wiped out and most of the hotel being trade locked. We heard of people placing items in the marketplace overpriced but now we have the real reason behind how they all got bought.

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Market Place, Trade locking, THE GREAT TRADELOCK 2017!?0
By - Posted 6th January, 2017

Top news coming right your way, live from Habbo Hotel!

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Brand New Gifts, Boxes and Party Hats Arrive!1
By - Posted 27th December, 2016

Habbo have just released brand new HC Gifts! Habbo says they’re “some of the best we’ve made yet,” so they’re sure not to disappoint! Read on to find out more about these new and different features!


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Good News – Habbo’s Official Fansites2
By - Posted 23rd December, 2016

At 12pm GMT (midday) on the 23rd November, Habbo announced their new fansites on Twitter and gave some fansites an early Christmas present! Read on to find out which 5 (previously 11) fansites are still official and remember to share your thoughts in the comments! Click the time-stamp on the Tweets to view them on Twitter.

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Are there some new HC gifts coming?0
By - Posted 15th November, 2016


Can’t wait for Christmas? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for every Habbo who’s a Habbo Club member. Rumoured to arrive before Christmas, some treats might be coming to HC members, and Habbo says they’ll be “some of the best” yet. Continue reading to find out what’s in store for you.

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