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How to Become a Content Designer!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015
Hey everyone! This is a new style of article (which will hopefully become a weekly thing) where I interview Habbox managers and staff and they give me insider information on improving your chances of having your applications accepted and joining a Habbox department. So if you really want to join a department but are worried that you’ll be rejected, read on to discover how to eradicate those fears!
This week I’m lucky enough to interview Habbox’s Content Manager: Expling (A.K.A Tommy)
Hey Tommy, let’s start off with a little explanation of what Content Designers actually do.
Hi Charlie! Content Designers keep the sites up to date with relevant information to keep everything as accurate as possible when users are browsing Habbox.com and HabboxWiki.com. They are expected to do either 3 site edits or 10 wiki edits per week, but I should say I’m not normally strict on minimums and so I only tend to warn those who don’t make any edits in a week. I always think a little effort is better than none at all!
If a Content Designer wants to go above and beyond the minimums, what would you suggest they could do?
To go above and beyond, they could edit more and especially edit things people forget about. For example there are lots of images on the wiki that people tend to forget about and it’s so nice to log in to see that someone took the time aside to edit those images and make sure theyre all in the correct categories. 
I also love it when people take the time to communicate with others in the department and try replying to forum threads, advertise the department and the wiki or advertise that applications are open. I really appreciate it when people offer their ideas to improve the Content department, when they help with events, or make guides for the other staff and help newer staff settle in.
What message would you give to people whose applications aren’t accepted first time?
Well I normally talk to each applicant individually anyway and I tell them why their appication was not accepted, what they can do to improve it and maybe an example of a good reply to the questions they didn’t do so well on. Then I’d give them the opportunity to try again and remind them that they can still get involvede even if they aren’t staff because editing the wiki is open to everyone.
What kind of people are you looking for to join Content?
Anyone can be brilliant but I always look for people who stay true to their application. It’s all very well to come off as the most dedicated person in the world when you’re applying but I’m so frustrated by people who apply saying “I really want to do well in the department, I won’t let you down” and then don’t do any work during their trial or resign two days in.
I also wish people would act cool and not be afraid to say what they feel, give feedback help improve stuff and actually try to talk to me – its not like I am rude or mean or anything! It would honestly make my job so much easier but I think newer users in particular are always a bit afraid of their managers which can be really restricting, actually. Then obviously I look for people who follow the rules and appreciate/respect what I have to say/how I like to run things. There’s a difference between giving feedback and refusing to follow rules.
Thanks Tommy! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes: JOIN CONTENT! And please give me strength for my upcoming exams. Physics tomorrow frown.gif
If you’d like to join the Content department, check out habbox.com/jobs now and use this article to help your application!
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[12th Birthday] What Made You Join Habbox?0
By - Posted

For a lot of us, Habbox has been a part of our lives for huge parts of our lives. As Habbox’s 12th birthday is fast approaching, I thought it would be interesting to interview some different users and ask them some questions about their time at Habbox and how things have changed (or stayed the same) since they first joined.
Special thanks to FlyingJesus, lawrawrrr and welshcake to letting me interview them.
When did you first join Habbox?
FlyingJesus – February 2006
lawrawrrr – July 2009, although I didn’t start using the forum until November 2010
welshcake – I properly joined in June last year
What made you join?
FlyingJesus – Not really sure, just wanted to be part of a community I guess and it was the best site around for a Habbo like me +*+*+
lawrawrrr – My friend who I used to play Habbo with got me into the radio and I signed up then. Then I actually USED that account when I won a win a room competition.
welshcake – I applied for events organiser at HabboQuests when they were pretty newish.. well, when they were becoming quite popular like they are now and they didn’t reply for ages. I worked quite hard on this event room and spent ££ on it in real life so I went looking for another fansite. I found Habbox. I applied for EO but didn’t get it straight away but then I had a help desk trial. During said help desk trial I was offered EO over at HabboQuests but I ignored dolphingirl for weeks because I didn’t have the heart to say I was at Habbox. Harhar.
Tell us a bit about what Habbox was like when you first became a member.
FlyingJesus – Well back then pretty much everyone on Habbox was like 13-17 so there were a lot of emotional people around and everyone thought they were far more important than they really were, but it was VIBRANT and there was loads of activity all over the place, even to the point that most people would stick to just 2 or 3 areas of the forum and have cliques based on that. DJs only talked to DJs, Runescape players had their own little gang, the Spam forum was a place to tread carefully if you weren’t well known, and everyone hated mods on principle. It was very high school.
lawrawrrr – I don’t remember a huge amount to be honest! I started hanging around in the Help Desk quite a lot and made friends with a few popular Habboxers at the time, including Georgia and Hayley. I used to love listening to the radio and going to party rooms where everyone was really friendly and chatty, and I eventually got introduced to the comps department where I got my first trial (on Christmas Eve!) and the rest is history…
welshcake – It was scary. I was scared of all the people and I was scared of failing my trial and I was scared of the forum and doing things wrong. Everyone seemed to know each other and it made me awkward because I didn’t know anyone. So yes, scary.
Are you glad you joined or do you think you’d have been better of if you’d stayed away?
FlyingJesus – Definitely glad I joined, it’s been a big part of my life for a long time now and there’s lit no way of knowing what I’d have been like without it. Might have been an astronaut idk
lawrawrrr – 100% glad. This probably sounds silly but through Habbox I got interested in Graphics (although I’d liked it before I’d never done a lot), journalism and web design – basically three of the departments I manage now. Because of this I got into journalism and design while I was at University – and now that’s my actual real life job – and my ideal career is in design, too (which changed from teaching after I did more graphics at Habbox and IRL). Habbox has changed my life completely, and it’s bloody fantastic.
welshcake – I am glad I joined. Omg if I said “I’d rather I stayed away” I would get fired RIP bye.
Who do you miss from when you first joined?
FlyingJesus – Bef. She was my friend who I used to talk to all the time and we’d ring each other and chat about what a **** she was, it was great.
lawrawrrr – The friend I miss the most Alex3213 – we were really close and he was my first real friend at Habbox, then he left 
welshcake – No one to be honest. Can’t think of anyone. I don’t think anyone has left for me really.
What’s the most memorable event for you during your time at Habbox?
FlyingJesus – Sarey making an account for her “cousin” which was just her all along and being on both accounts for like years pretending to be two diff people and having babies and stuff
lawrawrrr – I have two! The first is my first Win a Room, which is what GOT me onto Habbox really so I’ll always remember that (♥ DJs Robbie and Rave!). I was such a noob and won SO much furni, most of which I still have!! The second one is HxSS from 2013, I played Habbo for SO long during that time! Even though I won Worst Sport and Biggest Moaner I really enjoyed it haha!
welshcake – I would say when I got first promoted in HxL because I didn’t expect it at all as I had never DJed before in my entire life so it was all new.
What, if anything, would you change now to improve Habbox?
FlyingJesus – Buy me shoes
lawrawrrr – Well, I haven’t really got an excuse for changing things as in my current position I kinda have the ability TO change things… but I think the thing I would change if I was magic is some people’s attitudes to things and people, I feel like some things are so targeted or personal when they really don’t need to be! To quote a fantastic film… “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…”
welshcake – If I could I would change the amount of dedicated people. So if I could, I would give birth to 1020 babies who are all dedicated to Habbox.


As this is part of the celebrations for Habbox’s 12th Birthday, the Articles department wants YOU to get involved and tell us your own answers to these questions! Click here to go to HabboxForum.com and post your answers before 23:59 BST on Sunday 28th June to be in with a chance of winning a month of VIP and receive a +rep from myself.
Answers posted before then will also be compiled into one large interview posted on Habbox.com just in time for Habbox’s 12th Birthday on 1st July!


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Time to ROAST Habbox Co-Owner xxMATTGxx!0
By - Posted

Following The Roast of Justin Bieber on Comedy Central, this is the slightly lesser-known (but infinitely cooler) Roast of Habbox Co-Owner xxMATTGxx! If you have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask (or even any you thought of just a second ago), now is the time to finally get some answers!

The Articles department needs your questions to ask Matt in an interview celebrating Habbox’s 12th Birthday! Click here to for more information and to find out how to submit your questions.

Please note: we won’t be literally roasting any co-owners

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