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“Alt-Right” Leader Exposed As Paedophile Supporter0
By - Posted 22nd February, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos – the champion of racists, sexists, and aggressively disgruntled slackers across the Western world – left his post at Breitbart in a particularly obvious “jumped before he was pushed” move after a podcast of one of his talks was brought to the public eye with a revelation so startling that even his most hardcore neo-Nazi followers were forced to admit that he’d gone too far with his shock tactics. Hit Read More for the full story!‌

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Woman Arrested in Killing of Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother2
By - Posted 15th February, 2017

A woman was arrested in Malaysia, carrying Vietnamese travel documents, after her connection to the murder of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother by poisoning. Click read more to learn the details!

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‘See You In Court’2
By - Posted 10th February, 2017

Trump is furious about the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling on his executive order to ban specific country’s citizens from being able to immigrate to the United States. Read more to learn why!

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2016 kinda sucked3
By - Posted 30th November, 2016

Tom Being Great!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which may, in hindsight, have been a great idea) you’ll have noticed that 2016 has been something of a bust. Feel free to replace that understatement with some more colourful language that better matches the devastation of the past annum, but regardless of which adjectives you choose to attribute to the year here are just a few of the depressing lowlights that we’ve endured in the run-up to what’s set to be a dark, dark, dark Christmas.

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Toblerone triangles cause trouble for chocolate eaters!2
By - Posted 25th November, 2016

Real World Happenings

Recently the UK was troubled with some horrendous… Traumatising… Upsetting news.


Never will this greet us as we open the famous packet again. Instead we will see this:


Why you may ask?

Well… read on and find out 🙂

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