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Charity Work


Every year, during the month of December, Habbox and its users support a charity during the festive period of Christmas. The members of Habbox Forum decide collectively where they want their money to go; After this period of time is up, any earnings are then sent off to the charity which was previously chosen by the community. For a thank you, those users who donated are rewarded with some forum VIP and a forum award.

  Past charities which Habbox has donated to…
Year Charity Amount Raised
2006 Cancer Research £360.54
2007 Livestrong £429.50
2008 Cancer Research £449.50
2009 Help For Heroes £146.44
2009 NSPCC £124.20
2009 RSPCA £89.64
2009 Macmillan Cancer Support £88.44
2009 Oxfam £18.00
2010 Make A Wish Foundation £581.00
2011 MIND £528.00
2012 Depression Alliance £600.00
2013 Shelter £407.66
2014 Alzheimers Society £375.00
2015 Ataxia £290.03
2016 Samaritans £101.08
2017 MIND £86.84
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