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I'm feeling lucky...

I'm feeling lucky...

We're so proud of our fantastic Wiki - the fastest growing and largest resource on all things Habbo. From LTD tracking to event guides and staff info - check out a random pae by clicking here!

I'm feeling lucky...
Rare Values

Rare Values

Check out Habbox's iconic values! We've been valuing furni for longer than some of you have been alive. Everything from LTDs to clothing to ultras...

Rare Values
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Charity Work

 charity work

Every year, during the month of December, Habbox and its users support a charity during the festive period of Christmas. The members of Habbox Forum decide collectively where they want their money to go; After this period of time is up, any earnings are then sent off to the charity which was previously chosen by the community. As a “thank you”, those users who donated are rewarded with some forum VIP and a forum award.

  Past charities which Habbox has donated to…
Year Charity Amount Raised
2006 Cancer Research £360.54
2007 Livestrong £429.50
2008 Cancer Research £449.50
2009 Help For Heroes £146.44
2009 NSPCC £124.20
2009 RSPCA £89.64
2009 Macmillan Cancer Support £88.44
2009 Oxfam £18.00
2010 Make A Wish Foundation £581.00
2011 MIND £528.00
2012 Depression Alliance £600.00
2013 Shelter £407.66
2014 Alzheimers Society £375.00
2015 Ataxia £290.03
2016 Samaritans £101.08
2017 MIND £86.84