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Alteration Archive

Welcome to Habbox’s Alteration Archive! On this page, we’ll be showcasing the very best and brightest of Habbox’s pixel artists. Some you’ll recognise from our graphics, some you’ll never have seen before, but one thing’s for sure: they’re all very impressive.

If you want your work showcased on our archive, send a PM to the Graphics Manager, Drew, on Habbox Forum! You’ll even be rewarded with a shiny new forum award!
Habbox Alteration Archive

ATTENTION: In order for the spoilers to work, you MUST reload this page! We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope to get this issue sorted very soon.

Roboevil is a former Graphics Manager. He first joined Habbox as a Pixel Artist in June 2005, following that on with roles such as Game Designer. In January 2008, he was made Graphics Manager, where he reigned for 3 months.

Roboevil is well known at Habbox for his alterations and Habbo art – most impressively, he holds the record for having the most +repped post of all time, with 216 reps and counting.


ShadowChild is one of the best known graphic artists at Habbox Forum. Although she is best known for creating Chibis (cartoon drawings) of many of the members, she also frequents the alteration sections.

Shonly, better known as Sho, is a former Senior Graphics Designer at Habbox. She joined the team in February 2014 under the management and guidance of Drew, and has improved her skills since then.
She often creates alts based on herself and Drew, many of them being described as “cute” by members of the forum.

Drew is a former Graphics Manager at Habbox. After joining the department in November 2013, she quickly rose through the ranks and was made manager in January 2014, following Nick.


MakeBelieve.. is one of the better-known graphics designers at Habbox. She sticks mainly to designing rooms, although creates character alterations, too. She has won the StrayPixels competition on Habbo an impressive 5 times, only matched by one other and beaten by 5.

lawrawrrr is an ex-graphics staff member. She is currently the General Manager. She first joined the Graphics team in August 2012 and worked in the department on and off until her promotion in March 2014. When asked what type of graphics she prefers making, she said: “Gifs. Definitely gifs. I wish I was better at them!”

dW6RsNak4E  rbXDTsRJM

Jordan is a French member of Habbox Forum and known as a pixel artist. Many of his works of art are enlargments with alterations added, although he has created a few regular Habbo-sized ones too.

Creating only two threads during his time at Habbox in 2013, Jordan’s legacy as an incredible pixel artist was over pretty quickly. However, his alts created enough of an impression to stick in our brains!


David is an ex-graphics staff member, and one of the best known pixel artists. He has also gone under the names of Dave. and Hulk on Habbox Forum, and with Kasabian (Tom), formed an integral part of the Graphics team. During his time he created high-profile graphics such as the Habbox Twitter background.

He creates many alterations parodying the General Management team at Habbox, many of which are depicted below.


GregSegesi, also known as Greg, Segesi or Fall, is one of the most diverse pixel artists Habbox has ever seen. Creating figurines from superheros to popular figures, Greg’s work has been extremely well received by the community. Some images have since updated with broken links, but most of his work is still available to see!


dbgtz, known affectionately as Tom, is one of the longest-standing pixel artists at Habbox. To this day, he creates highly detailed alterations, as well as entire new Habbo-based pieces of artwork, usually very well received by the community. As well as posting on Habbox, dbgtz has entered Habbo competitions, of which he has won & placed multiple times. He often works with popular culture figures, such as Doctor Who, as shown below.

YuTUl  2Rf71xhNT.png

Kyle, also known as smurf.mad.kyle, surf.mad.kyle and Jellyfish is a long-serving Habbox member. Although he is best known for his room designs (which have won multiple Habbo and Habbox competitions), he also creates alterations of Habbo, including scenes based on them.

ojh9 0AZBX  93kfH

Nick is a former Graphics manager at Habbox and keen pixel artist. Although most of his alts were used as part of official Habbox graphics over the three years (on and off) he was Graphics staff, he also posted often in the Alterations section of the forum.


Intersocial (better known as Hayden) has been a staff member throughout various Habbox roles for several years, although he now resides mainly in the Graphics and Competitions departments. Whilst he doesn’t tend to stick to one particular style of art, he does mainly enjoy designing badges and random objects.


Paige is a former Senior Graphics designer and Pixel Artist at Habbox. She joined the team in October 2014, with almost no experience, and was very eager to learn. Under the management and guidance of Drew, she has since improved her skills and has even created the header for the Halloween forum skin and made a badge that is now on Habbo!

She likes to create alts based on herself and cats, and hopes to continue improving her skills and trying new things.


Robbie-S joined the Habbox Graphics team in February of 2015 – however he had been making alterations for over a year before that , after stumbling upon it in January 2014 after making a paintball player. His favourite type of alts are making pixel versions of flags (hence all the flag alts below) and facial expressions!


Zealoux (also known as Alysha) is a former Graphics Manager, who joined the department with little to no previous experience.

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