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Breeding Monster Plants

You will need:

Monster Plant (x2) Rebreeding Potion 1 (x1; optional)

This guide will show you how to breed Monster Plants and how to make plants that have already bred re-breedable.

Step 1: Raise an adult plant

To be able to breed plants, they must be adults. When plants are not adults, they will look like little seeds inside the pot, but when they are adults they will look like fully-grown plants. Once you have two adult plants, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Make them breedable

To make a plant breedable, click on them and select the “Breedable” option in the pop-up. When you choose to breed a plant, only the plants with this option selected will be an option to breed your plant with.

Step 3: Breed!

Click on one of the plants, and select the “breed” option in the pop-up. A pop-up will then appear on top of every other breedable plant in the room. Choose the one you want, and select the “breed” option above that plant’s head. A confirmation box will appear letting you confirm whether these are definitely the plants you wanted to breed. Once you’ve decided, click the Breed button on that confirmation box.

Step 4: Raise the child

When you breed you will receive a Seed that you can then raise up to be an adult breeding plant, which will allow you to later breed it for even more plants. However, there is a chance that your plants will not produce a seed also.

Step 5: Make them breed again (optional)

All plants can only breed once, so if you want them to breed again you will need to purchase a rebreeding potion from the Catalogue. Once you’ve bought it, place it in a room and select “use” on the item. A pop up will appear on top of each plant that can use this item, choose the one you want and then that plant will be available to breed once more!

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