It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

That's right - the 14th Annual Habbox Summer Spectacular is finally here! Click here to find out everything you need to know about this huge tournament.

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
Earn those points!

Earn those points!

You can earn points at our events, by listening to the radio, entering comps and campaigns and so much more! Click here to see what's coming up next...

Earn those points!
Join an HxSS team!

Join an HxSS team!

Find out how to join a team for the Habbox Summer Spectacular here! Will you be a Pirate, a Greek, a Cowboy or a Viking?

Join an HxSS team!
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Football Booster

This guide will show you a way to set up your very own automatic football booster. This booster will allow you to obtain the ‘Football Goal Host’ achievements.

Step 1: Setting up

Firstly, you will need to set up your furniture to match the following photo. Make sure that the Puck that’s closest to the wall has a one space gap between it and the wall

Step 2: The Roller

Open the WIRED Trigger: User Walks Off Furni by double clicking it. Once opened, you will see the pop-up shown below. Select the Roller and press ‘Ready’.

Step 3: Teleporting to the Roller

Open the WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni by double clicking it. Once opened, you will see a similar pop-up. Once again, select the Roller and press ‘Ready’.

Step 4: Resetting the Pucks

Open the ‘WIRED Effect: Match Furni to Position and State’ by double clicking it. Once you see the pop-up, select all five Pucks. Before clicking ‘Ready’, ensure that the ‘Current position in room’ option is ticked.

Step 5: Repeat WIRED

Open the ‘WIRED Trigger: Repeat Effect’ by double clicking it. On the pop-up, the default timer should be set to 5 seconds. This needs to be lowered to 0.5 seconds. Once this is done, click ‘Ready’.

Step 6: Stack the WIRED

That’s it! Once you’ve made sure that you have stacked your WIRED correctly, as shown in the image below, you’re all set!

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