Habboxween comps!

Habboxween comps!

Habboxween competitions are here! An easy way to make points, make sure to enter them all... OR ELSE!

Habboxween comps!
Habboxween is here!

Habboxween is here!

It's down to YOU to solve this one! Get your best paranormal detective gear together, because it's time for... WEIRDER STUFF

Habboxween is here!
Saturday Night Quiz!

Saturday Night Quiz!

We've changed the way our SNQ runs - come find out more and get those coins!

Saturday Night Quiz!
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Pet Training

Pet Training is a feature that comes with pets, and by training pets, you can unlock achievements such as “My Pet Knows A Trick Or Two”, “My Gnome Knows A Trick”, “My Leprechaun Knows A Trick”, or “My Obbah Wobbah Knows A Trick”. This Guide will show you how to train your pets. However, if you want to know how to train MULTIPLE pets at the same time, click here for that guide.

Step 1: Place your pet and set up

Place your pet in a room to start training. You will need plenty of food to keep their energy up, so be sure to stock up on Cabbages that can be bought from the Catalogue for Duckets. Once you have your pet and food, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Choose a trick

Click on your pet and select the “train” option in the pop-up. Here you can choose which trick to train them with!

Step 3: Train them up

Once you’ve chosen a trick, continuously click on it and watch their experience go up. When they level up, more tricks will be unlocked. Bear in mind that the newer tricks that you unlock will give more XP each time it’s performed, so it’s more time-saving to use those rather than the first trick over and over again, especially in later levels.

Achievements: Creature Rearer

Achievements: Learn About Habbo Achievements

Achievements: Football Booster

Achievements: Horticulturist

Achievements: Training Multiple Pets

Achievements: Breeding Monster Plants

Achievements: Vicious Viking

Achievements: Bazaar Crafting