Festival competitions!

Festival competitions!

Be on the look out for Habboxbury themed competitions and birthday fun across the site!

Festival competitions!
Habboxbury has landed!

Habboxbury has landed!

It's our 17th birthday! Check out all the treats we've got for you and win HUNDREDS of credits!

Habboxbury has landed!
Party on, Garth!

Party on, Garth!

Our birthday badge event is coming... In the meantime, get to the stage and party with us!

Party on, Garth!
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Photography Achievement


You will need…

Duckets (unlimited)
Credits (x2)

Step 1: Open the camera featureAt the bottom left of the screen, click on the Camera icon to open the camera feature.

Step 2: Capture the momentMove the camera to the area you want to take a photo of. When you’re ready, press the red button to take the photo. When the photo is taken, click on the photo in the photo tray and select “Edit”.

Step 3: Publish your photoOnce you’ve clicked “edit” you will be able to choose between publishing or purchasing your photo. Choose the Publish option for Duckets. Keep doing this until you have reached the number of photos required to max out the Achievement. Once you have reached the number, purchase one photo. All the photos you have previously published will be included in the photo count, earning you the achievement.


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