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General Knowledge

general knowledge


Fancy learning who the first ever Habbo was? Keen to know which bright spark came up with the whole idea? Well then you’ve come to the right page! This page is just packed with lots of knowledge and interesting facts about Habbo and its 15 year long history. You’ll probably find some answers here to questions which you may have had on your mind for a very long time, or maybe even answers to bizarre questions that never crossed your mind!

Who was the first Habbo created?

The first ever Habbo created was a chap named aapo! There are many rumours which say this is not true, but it has been proven since his Credit number is 00000001.

Who founded Habbo?

Originally, an entrepreneur called Dee Edwards saw Hotel Goldfish (see bottom) and had an idea for a profitable business in the UK. Dee (who was called Daisy on Habbo), along with Sulake, then founded Habbo Limited and brought it to the UK immediately.

It is unknown what Dee did after this stage, but it is believed that after making around £1 million she gave up on Habbo and sold her part of the business to Sulake, who have since gone on to make millions from it. Some may go as far to say she was foolish for doing this.

Who created Habbo?

Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä developed FUSE Technology – the code that Habbo is programmed in – Sulake is the Finnish word for FUSE. From this, they created a few other multi-user applications which led to Habbo! You may think this contradicts Dee Edwards’ role in creating Habbo, but it doesn’t. She was the one who thought of Habbo Limited, while Sampo and Aapo coded it. They are also the founders of Sulake – the company that now owns Habbo.

I want some stats!

Habbo operates in 31 local communities with over 235,000,000 users registered, that’s 235 million if you couldn’t work it out. On average, there are 990 million page loads every month, with 13.7 million of those being unique! It has been calculated that the average session time is 43 minutes.

The main age distribution is teenagers aged 13-18, which is 90% of the Habbo community. Approximately, 63% of all Habbo users go to Habbo every day! Are you one of those Habbos?

Has the law ever entered Habbo?

Actually, yes it has, a number of times. The biggest event being in 2007 when a 17 year old was arrested after being accused of stealing virtual furniture to the value of €4000. Since this incident there have been a couple more less publicised incidents of a similar nature. Since 2007 Habbo have taken a stricter approach to hacking and theft within the game – or so they say they have!

Has it always been called Habbo?

Nope! In May 2006, Sulake decided to rename the service to Habbo, before this it was called Habbo Hotel. Since so many people referred to the hotel as just Habbo, it made a lot of sense. Before that, it was called Hotel Goldfish!

What else led to Habbo?

Sulake has been employed by multi-national companies to create systems for their customers. The first company to approach Sulake was Coca Cola who then got Coke Music out of the deal; this is quite similar to the Habbo concept. It was then shut down and later created into the Coca-Cola Metro. The next company was Disney, who wanted the Magic Kingdom from the deal. From that deal, VMK created a virtual magic kingdom. Once again this was shut down May 21,2008.

Sulake haven’t always created their own applications, oh no! They have purchased IRC Galleria, a chat program which is hugely popular in Finland. Another thing they have created is Mini Friday, an experiment to see if Mobile Virtual Worlds are successful and seeing whether or not real-time virtual worlds work! Mini Friday consists of a Club and Bar, in a few different languages.

A newer version called Bobba Bar is available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Though Sulake didn’t create it, IRC-Galleria is also owned by them after buying it in April 2007. IRC-Galleria is the largest, most active social networking site in Finland! In 2009, Sulake created a mobile-based virtual world for teenagers of the age 16+ which was first supported on the iPhone, iPod touch and Nokia phones but is now supported on most other mobile networks.


What else is Sulake creating?

Sulake is working on its portable Habbo Hotel, accessible from mobile phones – first launched in the Apple App store in 2014 and Android in 2015. In the past they have developed other mobile Habbo content, such as games which you can download, for a small fee. BobbaBar is now available for your iPhone and iPod touch through iTunes and most mobile phones.

How many Habbos have been online at the same time?

That record is held by the Spanish hotel, with a whopping 31,500+ Habbos online, that was set in march 2008!

Who started the Habbo eXperts?

The Swedish Hotel first got the Habbo eXpert group, though Australia was the first to get the new Habbo eXpert subgroups. The team of eXperts were sadly removed in June 2008 to make way for the new Habbo Guides! With the new update of Habbo the guide program was removed as well. You can still help other Habbo’s but you wont get those nifty badges!

What was the first hotel?

The first hotel was Finland, this opened in 2000. The second hotel created was the UK one, which at first was hosted on the, this then, for some odd reason, changed to, after some time at the .com domain it moved back to being – so the US could have their own hotel! Many other hotels have been added such as Canada, Italy and Brazil!

What is the most famous blocking incident in Habbo?

The most famous room closure/raid, to date is the Lido Closure of 2006. Habbos dressed up in Afros paraded around the Lido blocking both the pool and then the entrance, images can be found here – the event has been repeated several times. Many were banned in this attempt to annoy.