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Habbox Summer Spectacular

Habbox Summer Spectacular

Thanks to all of our lovely hosts, DJs, leaders and players for the biggest HxSS ever! Join us at the awards show on 8 September to see who won!

Habbox Summer Spectacular
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[GUIDE] Winter City Crafting

winter city crafting

The Winter City crafting were added to the Hotel in December 2018 during the Winter City Festival campaign. It allowed users to craft their own Christmas themed clothing items to either keep, sell or have their avatars wear. For every item you craft, you earn one point towards the Winter City Crafting achievement, which requires you to create a total of 20 items to max out the achievement.

You will need…

Nutcracker Crafting Table (x1)
Santa Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Snowman Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Penguin Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Elf Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Gingerbread Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Red Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Yellow Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Green Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Blue Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)
Purple Matroyoshka Doll (Varies with each item)

Step 1: Stock up on suppliesYou will need bulk of the items listed above to max out this achievement. The amount of dolls you require varies as different items require a different number in order to craft. You will need to calculate how many you need to create the items you want to create.

Step 2: Recipes

 Ingredient(s)  Result
Red Doll (x2), Yellow Doll (x2), Green Doll (x2), Blue Doll (x1), Purple Doll (x1), Santa Doll (x1), Gingerbread Doll (x1) Glittering Halo (x1)
Yellow Doll (x2), Penguin Doll (x2), Snowman Doll (x2) Penguin Hat (x1)
Red Doll (x3), Purple Doll (x3) Poinsettia Wreath (x1)
Purple Doll (x2), Santa Doll (x1), Elf Doll (x1) Rudolph Beanie (x1)
Red Doll (x2), Snowman Doll (x1), Gingerbread Doll (x1) Snowman Hat (x1)
Green Doll (x2), Blue Doll (x2) Christmas Tree Party Hat (x1)
Green Doll (x2), Yellow Doll (x2) 2018 Christmas Tree Sweater (x1)

Step 3: Crafting

To craft the item, you first need to double-click on one of your Nutcracker Crafting Table to see what ingredients you need. Once you have enough dolls, you need to choose the item that you have enough items to craft, and then click “create”.


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