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Tips ’N’ Tricks

Habbo have all these funky little features that you may not know about and can be useful when playing on Habbo! Below there are a number of different tips and tricks to use on Habbo that you may not know about.

:Chooser (Habbo Club)


Using the chooser command is a very simple way to find a person in a huge crowd. All you have to do is type : chooser (without the space) and a box will pop up with everyone in the room. All you need to do is search for that person in the chooser box!

:Furni (Habbo Club)


The furni command is exactly the same as the chooser command. To use the furni command all you need to type is : furni (without the space) and a box will pop up (like chooser) with all the furni in the room! You need to either have rights in the room your using the furni command or you have to be the room owner.



Command Outcome
Sit – :sit
Wave – o/
Blow Kiss – :kiss
Laugh – 😀
Idle – :idle


Furni Keyboard Shortcuts


Moving furniture can be laboriously boring. But not any more! With this nifty little trick you’ll be the envy of all your friends. All you have to do is hold down the Alt button on your keyboard, click the piece of furniture and drop it (by releasing the mouse button) where ever you want!

Picking up a lot of furni one after another can be very time-consuming! Lean to pick it up with a click of the mouse – just make sure you hold down the Ctrl key first!

Habbo asked the players of Habbo what new ideas they’d like to see around the Hotel. One of the ideas was a rotating furni hotkey. To perform this quick and easy way to Rotate your furni, just hold down shift and click the furni!




Some people might feel like being lazy and therefore don’t type the entire word they mean, or shorten a phrase such as ‘Laugh Out Loud’ to just ‘lol’, which makes it easier for them and easier for you, providing you know what it means. If you don’t know what things mean, you can find out below!





Away From Keyboard


Not Much


Be Back Later


No Problem


Be Right Back


No Thank You


By The Way


Oh My God


Bet The Dealer


Pee Myself Laughing


In My Opinion




For The Win


Roll On Floor Laughing




Talk To You Later


Good game


Thank You


Good Luck


To Be Honest


Got To Go


Too Much Information


Laughing My Ass Off


You’re Welcome


For The Attention Of


In Real Life


Never Mind


At The Moment


Welcome Back


For God’s Sake


Work In Progress WIP Just Saying JS


Alt Codes


Many people in Habbo try to enhance their room names to make them stand out, or just want to make their writing fancy with lots of small images in, these small images are ‘alt codes’. Why? That would be because you have to use the alt key to produce them, as well a short number code.

To use an alt code on a Desktop PCSimply hold down the alt key (usually near the space bar) and enter the relevant code shown below, before doing this ensure num lock is on.

There are two ways to put Number Lock on using a laptop. On laptops without a number pad at the side of the keyboard you should press the fn key (usually near the space bar) and the num lock key (usually F11). On other laptops just press Num Lock and a light will appear somewhere on your keyboard. After doing this Num Lock has been enabled, now hold alt and key in the desired numbers for the alt image you want.


Pick/Eject All


Just like moving furniture, there is a quick and easy way to pick all of your furniture up. All you need to do is type :pickall (without the space) and you should receive the following pop up asking you are you sure. If you’re in a group room, this will only pick up your own furni!

If you’re in a group room, then use the shortcode :ejectall, which ejects everyone’s furni from the room.


Name Shortcut


Does someone have a very long, or confusing Habbo name and you simply ‘CBA’ to type it each time? Well now you don’t have to with the brand new name shortcut! You simply click on the user you want to say the name of, then type : x and your Habbo will say the name in the room. You can also say other things such as :amazing x too!


News Shortcut


Have you ever been in a room and cant be bothered to go and check the homepage for the latest Habbo gossip? Well stop right there as this tip is right up your street! All you have to do is when you’re in a room type :news and the news which appears when you’re on hotel view will appear in the room!

If you don’t wish to type, then you can click your Habbo’s face on the side of the Habbo screen and click News.

Muting Bots

The bots are always annoying you with their continuous chatter, for a simple way to “shut them up” just type :mutebots and press enter! Now the room you’re in should be bot junk free.