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Room Builders

The Room Builders team is a relatively new team of Habbos with a knack for creativity and an eye for design. They help to design and build rooms for all departments at Habbox, as well as to help with fansite events and weekends.

The current Room Builders Manager is Keegs:

Get involved


While room builders are the people who tend to create most of the official Habbox rooms when needed, there are opportunities for users to get involved too. The Cool Rooms subforum is home to many different threads by people who are keen builders, where you can get advice, help out and share your own creations – including an official thread to design a new layout of the Habbox Help desk.

If you fancy yourself as a Room Builder, you can check out the job applications by clicking here.



The Room Builders department was officially founded in January 2015 by community AGM, Shonly, to help build rooms for fansite weekends, events, official rooms and much more. The small team of staff often have ‘specialities’ – some keener with wired and some who can come up with Habbo ‘Art’ rooms.

Room Builder Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Room Builders Manager since the department first started:

Absently (Assistant General Manager)29/03/201513/09/2015
Shonly (Assistant General Manager)27/01/201529/03/-2015

Assistant Room Builder Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Room Builders Manager since the department first started:

NameStart dateEnd date

Staff roles


There are different roles in the Room Builders department, to ensure rooms are being created, they’re of a good quality and to make sure everyone gets to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis! Each staff member has regular contact with the (Assistant) Room Builders Manager, where they would go to seek help and advice.
Room Builders They create rooms on request from managers and the AGMs for events, competitions, fansite weekends and much more.
Senior Room Builders They help with the running of the department alongside with the (Assistant) Manager, they also give feedback and ideas to regular builders.
(Assistant) Room Builder Manager This person oversees the department and ensures all tasks are being completed to a good standard as well as making sure everyone is performing efficiently.