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HabboxLive is currently operating nearly 24/7 with DJs from across the world. The radio is the longest established from any fansite and has won numerous awards and praise for its excellence over the years. The aim of HabboxLive is to provide a platform of entertainment, for teens by teens. The history below is a general overview of how this gem has developed over the years into the well established and respected radio it is today.


The history of the radio begins back in August 2004 when jrh2002 and Wayne_J felt Habbox would benefit from having its own radio, jrh2002 purchased HabboxRadio.com and Wayne_J who as the technician helped to create the radio as a secret project without the most the Habbox Staff knowing about it including Sierk and Mizki. The idea came about because Mizki was dj’ing on another Habbo radio site and was a huge success. A radio for Habbox would attract lots of new people to the site as DJ’s and listeners. At its height, Habbox Radio managed to get over 400 listeners and regularly had over 300 listeners.

Around this time, HabboxLive also garnered the extremely prestigious award for ‘Best Habbo Radio’ in the first ever Habbo Fansite Awards. This was a monumental achievement, which also meant HabboxRadio getting an article in the weekly Habbowood Happenings, which can be viewed below.


Around the September of 2005, there was a disagreement between Habbox and Habbo, and sadly this affected quite a few of the staff at Habbox Radio due to a lot being Hobbas and Habbo staff. So jrh2002 who was caught in the middle decided in order to keep the radio that had been worked so hard on at its current high standard it would need to be rebranded and move away from Habbox or else lose most of its top DJ’s. The radio was changed from Habbox Radio to Radio Habbo where most if not all of Habbox Radio’s staff continued working.

The split of Habbox Radio from Habbox that Sierk was in a tricky situation as Habbox did not have a radio branded under its name anymore. On the 29th October 2005, HabboxLive was born thanks to a Habbo called, Kristian.K10 who later either sold or gave the site to Sierk. It was first managed by Bi!!y with the help of two assistants, namely —MAD— and Aquae who later changed her name to Acqua, both of whom later resigned to take up other positions with Habbox.

2006 – 2007

The period of 2006/07 was one of very strong growth for HabboxLive. Bi!!y remained HabboxLive Manager until the February of 2006 when he then became the Assistant Site Manager for the radio, and two new Managers were announced, Angel-Light who was previously Bi!!!y’s assistant and Barkseh. Barkseh later left HabboxLive on a sour note and his Head DJ, Adzeh took the reigns. Adzeh was seen by many as a strong manager. During this period, the radio was added to the main Habbox site and that increased listener flow.

By January 2007, HabboxLive started hitting triple listener figures. The radio was most stable during this period, with DJs staying at the department for a long time and lots of interesting shows being introduced, such as ‘The Vault’, ‘Primetime Live’ and ‘Chatterbox’. By September 2007, Adzeh felt that it was time to resign and both he and his assistant Angel-Light called it quits.

Sierk wanted somebody with management experience. jrh2002 did ask about becoming a joint manager or assistant to ,Jess, as he always believes promoting from within is the best way to keep the staff happy but it’s not the way Habbox management wanted it to be done. jrh2002 set about getting a lot more DJ’s and altering a few things to try and give the radio a much-needed boost and get it on air 24/7 as it had been a little neglected for a little while during the process of the previous management leaving. jrh2002 made ,Jess, assistant manager and it wasn’t long before he passed the responsibility of being radio manager to her.

2008 – 2009

On 10 October 2007 jrh2002 resigned from Habbox Live after a couple of months due to a difference of opinion in management and going onto a higher post within Habbox. When ,Jess, became manager she soon appointed her assistant manager, H0BJ0B. Together they saw HabboxLive hit it’s strongest point since it opened, with listeners often hitting 400. HabboxLive further developed with daily news updates, which continued until the DJ doing it was dismissed. Both Jess and H0BJ0B would continue developing the radio by implementing special hours such as an event called ‘Flashback’ in which every hour would be a different decade of music. This strength continued further when H0BJ0B resigned and Melsia became the assistant manager.

2010 – 2011

By 2010 HabboxLive started to dwindle slightly in terms of listeners and DJ quality. By this period, HabboxLive was starting to grow further internationally, with a build up of DJs from various nationalities. On the 7 October 2010 ,Jess, resigned from her post as HabboxLive Manager, after nearly 3 years on the job- a monumental achievement. She was replaced by her Australian assistant Gems,x.

Gems,x focused on getting the radio back on track by improving the radio on-air time, creating more interesting shows such as the ‘Eurovision Hour’ and slowly re-building on the listeners that were lost in the management transition. She had relative success with this, however, the General Manager at the time was unhappy with HabboxLive’s progress and re-instated ,Jess, as manager on 24 January 2011.

From February 2011, DJs were split into 4 groups, with one Head DJ taking care of each group, sending feedback PMs on shows etc. ,Jess, also implemented a number of massive events such a various giveaways, listener challenges, competitions, call-in shows, dedicated hours to various kinds of music etc. This proved out to be an extreme success and meant the listeners often started to hit the triple digits again by the end of February.

Special Guests

Over the years, many people have DJ’d on the site, but there has been some very special guest DJ’s at different times over the years. Some people who have DJ’d are Habbox Management and Habbo Staff! These people don’t appear on the airwaves very often so tuning into them is often only a one-time occurrence! Some of these people only DJ’d on HabboxRadio and some only on Habboxlive. Not all DJ’s on both.

The people who have DJd as Habbox Management are;
—MAD— = Former General Manager
8Freak8 = Former General Manager
Mr.OSH = Former Assistant General Manager
Elkaa = Former Forum Administrator
Professor-Alex = Former Articles Manager and Moderation Manager
Favourtism = Former News Manager and Graphic Design Manager
2hd. = Former Competition Manager
Grig = Former Assistant News Manager
Faboosh = Former Rare Values Manager
Molly.22 = Former Assistant Events Manager
Jamsey = Former Forum Manager
xxMATTGxx = Former General Manager / Co-Owner

The people who have DJd as Hotel Staff and well known Habbo’s are;

BarbaraAnne = Ex-Hobba
Becs = Former Sulake Safety and Moderation Manager
Berbano9 = Marketer
bigbutsound = Former Habbo eXpert
Bucho06 = Former Community Manager
Coltswoldrob = Ex Hobba
Dragon-nccb = Former Habbo eXpert
Heidster = Former Community Manager
Kroziun = Former Habbo eXpert
Lincognito/MOD-Kitty/Akela! = Former Player Support / Moderator
Lost_Witness = Former Hotel Manager / Site producer
Ludus = Former Assistant Hotel Manager
Mizki = Former Hobba
Nilsn = Country Manager
Redtiz = Sulake Safety and Education Officer
Springmoon = Former Hobba and now pr. Moderator
Toadbecs/MOD-Flaxy/0rca = Former Hobba / Moderator, Player support.
UkchaserAl = Marketer
White-Bengal = Ex Hobba / Moderator

HabboxLive Productions

HabboxLive is also well known for its singing competition, Habbox Stars. This is one of Habbo’s biggest singing contests in which users send in voice clips of themselves singing and they get played on HabboxLive, these clips are then voted on by other listeners. Eventually, one person is named the winner and gets their hands on some prizes! As well as HabboxStars, the staffs are also known to have a sing song. This happens once a year in the Christmas period. Habbox Aid is a special feature that Christmas VIP users get, they can enter the Habbox Aid to sing Habbox’s own rendition of a Christmas song. Money raised from Christmas VIP goes to a charity of the HabboxForum members’ choice. You can listen to the songs created in the years of 2006 – 2010 using the links below.

Habbox Starz;

Habbox Aid Christmas 2006
Habbox Aid Christmas 2007
Habbox Aid Christmas 2008
Habbox Aid Christmas 2009
Habbox Aid Christmas 2010
Habbox Aid Christmas 2011

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