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Are you having trouble signing up to Habbox.com? Well we are here to save you, just follow our easy on-screen steps on how to register here at Habbox.com! Not understanding the simple steps? Click the images to enlarge them!

Step 1 Go to our register page – click here. You should be presented with something like this!

Step 2  Go ahead and type in your Habbo username, a picture of your Habbo should now show on the image above. When you’ve done, press next.

Step 3 You’ll now be shown this screen. You will need to type in a valid email address and choose a password you can remember.

Step 4 After that you’ll be shown a message something similar to below. Login to your email you used to sign up and open the email sent by Habbox.

Step 5 Go ahead and click the link in the email sent to you. You’ll be directed to a log in page. Enter your Habbo name and password and voila! You’re now an official Habboxer! Why not head over to our forum and sign up on that too? www.habboxforum.com