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Habbox’s forum was originally founded in February 2004 by the two founding owners of Habbox, Mizki and Sierk. Unfortunately, a few short months later all of the data needed to keep the forum running was lost. This left it’s owners in turmoil as they didn’t know what to do and it seemed as though the forums wouldn’t return. Fortunately, jrh2002 offered to restart a brand new vBulletin forum and thus the forum returned as we know it is today and has been her ever since.

2004 – 2006

Originally Mizki and Sierk set up their own board of forums on the main Habbox site using the URL Habbox.com/Forum. These forums were launched to the public in February 2004 as a place to chat and discuss all of the latest things happening in the Habbo and real words. The boards run for three months relatively problem free until one fateful night in June 2004 when all of the database information was foolishly lost by a member of Site Management.

Shortly after the forums went down, jrh2002 came to Habbox Management with a proposal to start his own forum called HabboxForum.com and that he would set up the initial forum and cover all running costs, thus HabboxForum.com was born. HabboxForum remained the property of jrh2002 until 2005 when he became a Hobba in the UK. This meant that full ownership of the site was passed on to Sierk.

It is on these forums that caused so much controversy in 2005 when details and remarks were made about the then Hotel Manager, Callie. It was there she saw these threads which ultimately resulted in the removal of Habbox.com’s official status. Despite that, HabboxForum continued on to become one of the most popular Habbo forums in the world.

2007 – 2009

During 2007 and through into 2008 the role was starting to become a defunct managerial role with other people on board as members of staff who did different aspects of the job which meant that the role was starting to falter. In June 2008 with the appointment of a new ‘Forum Manager, ‘ the role was renamed and responsibilities redefined as ‘Moderation Manager’. At the same tim, a new ‘Community Manager’ role was created and was filled for someone to concentrate on the community side of the forum as the forum had boomed over the last four years and was bursting at the seams with over 5,000,000 threads.

Nearing the end of 2008 Sulake announced several shake-ups to fansites in the way they operate. As all Habbo fansites have to abide by the Fansite rules set by Sulake the changes which came had a massive impact on Habbox and HabboxForum in particular. New rules meant that it was no longer possible for Habbox to charge users for a ‘premium service’ which was sold as VIP and VIP+. This was a massive dilemma for Habbox as most of the running costs were covered by the sale of VIP. However, in 2009 the then General Manager aggressively liaised with Sulake management and rules were relaxed slightly in early 2009 which allowed Habbox to sell a service which is known as ‘Donor’ or ‘Donator’ which bears no special privileges bar a coloured username. This helped a then struggling owners, Sierk and Jin with the running costs of Habbox which was and still is subsidised by them.

With the new Fansite rule changes came more changes to the management structure of HabboxForum. The role of ‘Moderation’ and ‘Community Manager’ was to be removed and replaced with one role of ‘Forum Manager’ The idea of these two separate roles had initially been a good one but after almost eight months General Management realised that it wasn’t really working and that a more clearly defined role of a ‘Forum Manager’ was needed.

2010 – 2011

2010 started with talks and speculation of a new generation of Habbox and a brand new version this year. This also brought about change for HabboxForum. With the introduction of a brand new version of vBulletin 4.0 came many complications for Forum and General Management. With the new versions of the forum coming out, HabboxForum needed to move with the times but this meant that all of the 10 skins at the time which were on offer to users would not be compatible with the new version. After months of hard work and dedication on behalf of one individual over the span of several months brand new versions of the old skins were coded and brand new ones were also introduced with the new changes.

The brand new version of the forum software meant that the forum could be a lot more interactive and interesting for its users. Enter the introduction of the Forum Awards scheme. Users could now earn badges and awards for many different causes, winning events to name one of many. Since it’s introduction in 2010 there has been over 60 awards released for users to collect and win.


2012 didn’t bring with it much change apart from a change to reputation ranks. With many users with receiving more and more reputation points, the current reputation rank system became outdated. It is used to show someone’s status on the forum and the former system did not reflect that. The new updates ranks reflect people’s status more accurately according to their total reputation points.
However, in March 2013 Habboxforum introduced a reward system called ‘Tokens’. Every time a user made any interaction on the forum they would receive X amount of points. Points could be received for posting around the forum, participating in polls, referring members to the forum etc. After amassing a certain amount of tokens, users can use those tokens to purchase services on the forum. Services on offer are generally things which are unavailable such as VIP, name changes etc. The reward system was well received as everyone is automatically participating as soon as they sign up and also for the rewards users can receive.


In 2005 a new administration based role was introduced to HabboxForum, that was the role of the ‘VIP Manager’. The role of the VIP manager was to deal with all VIP (and later VIP+) questions, queries, issues and the initial set up of the actual VIP when purchased via SMS. The role has been an extremely vital role over the past 6 years of which only a small handful of people have held this role.

In 2009 the role of ‘VIP Manager’ was merged with a brand new role of ‘Features Manager’. Since the introduction of the role, only three people have held it and at any one time, there have been just two people in the role. Each of the Features Manager takes a different role, one will deal with Usertitles and other related updates and issues whilst the other will be responsible for the setting up and solving of any problems which pop up with Donor or VIP. Although each will mainly do their own role they’re not exclusive to that role and are able to do as they wish if updates are waiting to be made.

Another role which was set up was that of the ‘Debates Leader’. The role was created in 2009 by Forum Management to help prompt healthy and monitored discussion and debates. Controversial topics have been discussed over the years and users can also win prizes and awards for contributing the best or most to these debates.

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