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HabboxLive DJ Applications
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HabboxLive are looking for some new talent from anywhere in the world to become a DJ on one of Habbo’s favorite radio stations!
People interested in a position at HabboxLive should consider whether they are able to meet the requirements that we have laid out, they are below…


• Book and turn up to at-least 3, one hour, slots per week.
• Good quality microphone.
• Variety of high quality music.
• Own and know how to use an appropriate broadcaster, SAM Broadcaster and Nicecast for PC or Mac respectively.
• Be polite and respectful both within the department to other staff members and to the wider community.
• Represent Habbox and HabboxLive within the Habbo community, giving a good face to the fansite and the department.


To apply to become a HabboxLive DJ – Simply copy the form below and PM it to despect on the forum by clicking here!

Habbo Name:
HabboxForum Name:
Habbox.com Name:
Skype Name:

Once you’ve sent off this information, you will be asked to provide some more details to the radio management before being offered the role!