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Habbox Summer Spectacular


The annual Habbox Summer Spectacular is returning once again this year for its 11th year, from the 12th – 20th August 2017!

This year, will battle it out to be crowned the winners of (ok, I got a bit carried away… just some credits and cool stuff)

The Habbox Summer Spectacular started a whopping 11 years ago, and is essentially a four team battle for points in a great range of events that take place on Habbo, Habbox, HabboxLive and HabboxForum.


This year however will be particularly exciting, as not only will the four super-teams be battling for points, but will also be fighting out to be crowned kings (or queens) of THE UNIVERSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (jk lol just credits and rares)



What can you win, I hear you ask? Well!! The prizes are:

Winning Team:

1st: 300c + 3 Months VIP;  2nd: 200c + 2 Months VIP; 3rd: 100c + 1 Month VIP; 4th-10th: 20c + 2 Week VIP


Second Team

1st: 200c + 2 Months VIP; 2nd: 100c + 1 Month VIP; 3rd: 50c + 2 Week VIP


Third Team

1st: 100c + 1 Month VIP; 2nd: 50c + 2 Week VIP; 3rd: 25c + 2 Week VIP


Fourth Team

1st: 50c + 2 Week VIP; 2nd: 25c + 2 Week VIP; 3rd: 10c + 1 Week VIP


Overall Scorers – rare furni:

1st: Throne; 2nd: Gold Pillow; 3rd: Dragon Egg; 4th: Cat Demon Face; 5th: Turntable


The top 10 scorers will also win 100 tokens per place:

1: 1000 tokens; 2: 900 tokens; 3: 800 tokens, etc!





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