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2016 kinda sucked2
By - Posted 30th November, 2016 at 11:18 pm Current AffairsReal Life

Tom Being Great!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which may, in hindsight, have been a great idea) you’ll have noticed that 2016 has been something of a bust. Feel free to replace that understatement with some more colourful language that better matches the devastation of the past annum, but regardless of which adjectives you choose to attribute to the year here are just a few of the depressing lowlights that we’ve endured in the run-up to what’s set to be a dark, dark, dark Christmas.

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I’m A Celebrity’s started the evictions!0
By - Posted 27th November, 2016 at 11:29 pm TV & Film


Every year, we sort of do but don’t look forward to the I’m A Celebrity evictions, depending on how nice the camp mates are. Earlier in the show, a close knit group including Gogglebox‘s Scarlett Moffatt and comedian Joel Dommett was disturbed by the arrival of Martin Roberts from Homes Under The Hammer and radio legend Danny Baker. Instantly, disruptions between Martin & Danny took place, causing hassle for the rest of the camp. But who was evicted and who’s happy about it?

Spoilers ahead!

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The X Factor did the “Mannequin Challenge” LIVE.1
By - Posted at 8:00 pm EntertainmentTV & Film


Honey G is something of a joke act, but at the same time somehow good. This week, it’s fair to say she had an eventful time on The X Factor – first, she got the stage invaded by some random guy from the audience, and Simon wasn’t happy. Then, Sharon forgot who her act was (and it wasn’t a one-off, she’s done it other weeks too) and Nicole actually had to tell her. Then during her second performance the judges, audience, and production crew actually did the “Mannequin Challenge” craze that’s breaking the internet live on TV.

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Fish Tank Mega-Hoarder! [Guide]1
By - Posted at 4:40 pm Guides & Tips

Here is a guide on how to get the “Fish Tank Mega-Hoarder” Badge!

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[HFFM] Prison Escape [Guide]0
By - Posted at 12:56 pm Guides & TipsHabbo

HFFM Prison Escape Guide

Here is a guide on how to complete HFFM’s most recent badge event, Prison Escape!

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