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Habboxween is coming....

Habboxween is coming....

Can you feel that? Is that a ghost?? Keep your eyes peeled for Habboxween...

Habboxween is coming....
Habbo Avatars

Habbo Avatars

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Habbo Avatars
Latest Furni
latest furni
xmas_c21_winterrailbg name
xmas_c21_map5 name
xmas_c21_key5 name
xmas_ltd21_artdecoegg name
clothing_r21_trainoutfit name
clothing_nobleoutfit name
xmas_c21_map1 name
xmas_c21_traveldocuments name
xmas_r21_luxuryhotchocolate name
xmas_c21_advent7 name
clothing_doctorsoutfit name
xmas_c21_advent8 name
xmas_c21_trainroofedgecnr name
xmas_c21_crackableletter name
xmas_c21_velvetseat name
xmas_c21_map3 name
xmas_c21_salesmancase name
xmas_c21_map2 name
xmas_c21_trainwallcnr name
xmas_c21_minivase name
xmas_c21_glassroofpillar name
xmas_c21_key2 name
xmas_c21_advent6 name
xmas_c21_advent3 name
xmas_c21_map4 name
xmas_c21_advent1 name
xmas_c21_advent4 name
clothing_hollyhairpin name
xmas_c21_minitrain name
clothing_nt_pearlnecklace name
xmas_c21_key3 name
clothing_r21_warmoversizedcoat name
xmas_c21_xmasdecor name
xmas_c21_lockpick name
xmas_c21_trainroof name
xmas_c21_trainbase name
xmas_c21_map6 name
xmas_c21_doctorscabinet name
xmas_c21_teleport name
xmas_c21_luggage name
xmas_c21_trainsignal name
xmas_r21_rideabletrain name
xmas_c21_traintable name
xmas_c21_trainwall name
clothing_governessoutfit name
xmas_c21_advent2 name
clothing_salesoutfit name
xmas_c21_governesstable name
xmas_c21_wallposters name
xmas_c21_trainroofedge name