Wired guides

Wired guides

Check out our guides on how to wire your events, campaigns or just your normal rooms!

Wired guides
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Latest Furni
latest furni
nft_h23_rainbowsofa name
nft_h23_haf_noob name
Dark Tile
Light Tile
Flip Flops and Socks
nft_h23_teleport name
nft_h23_teleport2 name
RARE Green DJ Turntable
Ducky Vintaque Sofa
Vintaque Bedside Table
Ruby Vintaque Stool
Jade Vintaque Stool
Vintaque Table
Jade Vintaque Sofa
Ducky Vintaque Divider
Vintaque Desk
Ruby Vintaque Sofa
Ducky Vintaque Stool
Jade Vintaque Divider
Ruby Vintaque Divider
Ducky Vintaque Chair
Jade Vintaque Chair
Ruby Vintaque Chair
WIRED Add-on: Execution Limit
Wired Antenna
WIRED Add-on: Carry Users
Small Wired Antenna
Number Tile Dark
WIRED Condition: Furni Altitude Matches
WIRED Effect: Set Furni Altitude
WIRED Trigger: Furni State Is Changed
WIRED Trigger: Receive Signal
WIRED Trigger: User Clicks Furni
WIRED Add-on: Cancel Move Animation
Number Tile Light
WIRED Add-on: Movement Physics
WIRED Effect: Send Signal
nft_h23_catcafebot name
Massive Trippy Duck
Big Trippy Duck
Gothic Teddy Bear
Gothic Locker
Golden H Uniform
Cutesy Artist Outfit
Study Books
Writing Set
Gothic Uniform
Plushie Pile
Bright Unicorn