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Indian Palace furni is here!

Indian Palace furni is here!

Habbo's new campaign is live - check out all of the amazing clothing and furni available in the shop and to craft on our Wiki

Indian Palace furni is here!
Rare Values

Rare Values

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Rare Values
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Latest Furni
latest furni
habbo20_c20_glitzytable name
habbo20_c20_artdecobackdrop name
habbo20_c20_artdecochair name
habbo20_c20_balloons name
habbo20_c20_artdecocarpet name
rainyday_c20_retrogames name
rainyday_c20_homebakes name
rainyday_c20_coathanger name
rainyday_c20_stackoflogs name
rainyday_c20_snugblanket name
rainyday_c20_woodenfloor name
rainyday_c20_raindropwall name
rainyday_c20_glowstars name
rainyday_c20_woodendesk name
rainyday_c20_cosywhippet name
rainyday_c20_scentedcandles name
rainyday_c20_typewriter name
rainyday_c20_paintset name
rainyday_c20_rainceilingwindow name
rainyday_c20_woodentable name
rainyday_c20_craftset name
diamond_painting43 name
diamond_painting45 name
diamond_painting44 name
diamond_painting51 name
diamond_painting46 name
diamond_painting42 name
diamond_painting52 name
india_c20_sunsetbg name
diamond_painting47 name
diamond_painting49 name
diamond_painting50 name
diamond_painting48 name
india_ltd20_sultanthrone name
india_c20_beadbellsdeco name
india_c20_headjewelbp name
india_c20_teaset name
india_c20_blueprint name
india_r20_exotictent name
india_c20_eletable name
india_c20_blueprintb name
india_c20_sewingmachine name
india_c20_palmvase name
india_c20_curries name
india_c20_cloth name
india_c20_tiledfloor name
india_c20_dessert name
india_c20_snakebp name
india_c20_archway name
india_c20_balconydoor name
india_c20_light name
india_c20_sherwanibp name
india_c20_jewellerybox name
india_c20_sofa name
india_c20_dye name
india_c20_flowerbelldeco name
india_c20_eleseat name
india_c20_capebp name
india_c20_incense name
india_r20_bengaltiger name
india_c20_longpillow name
india_c20_saribp name
Solid Gold Beetle
Fragrant Bath (Crafting Table)
Orange Spa Sack (Non-crackable)
Orange Spa Sack
Spa Incense
Citrus Bath Bomb
Lavender Salt
Charcoal Bath Bomb
Mint Bath Bomb
Blue Spa Sack (Non-crackable)
Blue Spa Sack
Rose Bath Bomb
rare_r20_treehouse name
rare_r20_marimo name
Royal Corgi
easter_c20_darkrock1 name
easter_c20_lightrock1 name
art_c20_window name
Art Studio Wall
Spring Rapids
Skinny Tree
Master Monument
Camping Snacks
Waypoint Rocks
Light Easter Goose
Light Imperial Robes
Royal Protector
Heather Rock
Jade Guardian
Salmon Run
Light Relic
Mermaid Rock
Jar of Critters
Light Jade Dragon
Climbing Rope
Light Royal Protector
Whitewater Kayak
Earth Pony