Arcade upgrade!

Arcade upgrade!

New year, new games! We've upgraded to an HTML5 arcade with brand new ways to compete with your Habbox friends!

Arcade upgrade!
The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!

The votes have been counted, and the awards have been announced! Click here to see your 2020 winners!

The 2020 Habbox Awards - results!
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diamond_painting53 name
diamond_painting56 name
diamond_painting63 name
diamond_painting57 name
diamond_painting61 name
diamond_painting58 name
diamond_painting55 name
year2021 name
garden_r21_wisteriaarch name
CF_250_toiletpaper name
CF_350_giantpearl name
CF_750_golddragon name
CF_500_egg name
diamond_painting54 name
diamond_painting59 name
diamond_painting60 name
diamond_painting62 name
plushie_r21_kingbear name
hc21_7 name
hc21_10 name
hc21_9 name
hc21_8 name
hc21_2 name
hc21_5 name
hc21_4 name
hc21_6 name
hc21_11 name
hc21_1 name
hc21_3 name
hc21_12 name
ltd21_unicornpup name
rare_r21_coffeesiphon name
china_c21_orangebasket name
china_c21_vase name
china_c21_gong name
china_goldenox name
bonusbag21_2 name
bonusbag21_1 name
bonusrare21_1a_6 name
bonusbag21_3 name
bonusrare21_4_5 name
bonusrare21_3_6 name
bonusrare21_2_5 name
bonusbag21_4 name
2021 Facemask Gift Box
messy_c21_clothespile name
messy_c21_wonkychair name
messy_c21_stepladder name
messy_c21_messysofa name
messy_c21_wonkylamp name
messy_c21_wonkytable name
messy_c21_plushcarpet name
messy_c21_messyrug name
messy_c21_oldwall name
messy_c21_messybed name
messy_c21_trashbags name
messy_c21_kitchencorner name
messy_c21_messyendtable name
messy_c21_magazines name
messy_c21_kitchenette name
messy_c21_stackedletters name
messy_c21_wonkywallitems name
messy_c21_messydrawers name
messy_c21_wonkydoormat name
messy_c21_messyfootwear name
messy_c21_forgottenvase name
messy_c21_wonkylowtable name
messy_c21_messycloset name
messy_c21_messyhifi name
Chiselled Ice Seal
pixelduck_wall name
poster_duck name
Glittering Handbag
house_sofa name
mysterious_trophy name
xmas_c20_forestbg name
Lavish Perfume
xmas_c20_runerock name
xmas_c20_stonearch name
xmas_c20_stonecauldron name
xmas_c20_magicguy name
xmas_c20_runerockpurple name
xmas_c20_stage name
xmas_c20_nutcracker name
xmas_c20_iceguy name
xmas_c20_woodenbird name
xmas_c20_runerockblue name
xmas_c20_runerockred name
xmas_c20_smallstump name
xmas_c20_snowbush name
xmas_c20_bigstump name
xmas_c20_beadgame name
xmas_c20_woodenhouse name
xmas_c20_pebblepeeps name
xmas_c20_snowguy name
xmas_c20_frostedfungi name
xmas_c20_frostedholly name
xmas_c20_fireguy name
xmas_c20_snowdrops name
xmas_c20_runetele name

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