Event guides

Event guides

Do you know your Heaven or Hell from your Heads or Tails? Check out our guides for how to set up and host all your fav events.

Event guides
Who saved Santa?

Who saved Santa?

Habboxmas is over but congratulations to our winners! Click here to see if you won.

Who saved Santa?
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy & prosperous 2023 <3. Click here to check out some of our top stats from 2022

Happy New Year!
Latest Furni
latest furni
nft_c23_kryptomon_egg name
nft_h23_bigkey name
nft_h23_smallkey name
nft_c23_kryptomon_holo name
nft_c23_kryptomon_pinksyrup name
trophy_snowstorm_gold name
trophy_snowstorm_stone name
trophy_snowstorm_silver name
trophy_snowstorm_bronze name
Heart Bopper Headbands
WIRED Condition: Team Has Score
WIRED Condition: Team Is Winning
WIRED Condition: Counter Time Matches
WIRED Condition: User Is Performing Action
WIRED Negative Condition: Triggerer DOESN'T Match
WIRED Trigger: User Performs Action
WIRED Negative Condition: User DOESN'T Have Handitem
WIRED Condition: Triggerer Matches
WIRED Condition: Time Matches
WIRED Condition: Date Matches
WIRED Negative Condition: User Is NOT Performing Action
Rare Grey Ice Cream Machine
rare_colourable_icecream_5 name
rare_colourable_icecream_4 name
rare_colourable_beehive_bulb_4 name
Duck Blue Dragon Lamp
gift_duck_flowerbasket name
Chequered Winter Cap
Brown Winter Coat
Beige Winter Cap
Bookworm Specs
White Winter Locks
White Winter Hair
Chequered Winter Coat
Beige Beret
White Beret
White Winter Coat
Chequered Beret
White Winter Cap
Arcade Waves
VR Machine
Lovely Red Panda
VR Machine Platform
Candy Floss Kangaroo
Rhythm Rider
The Wheel-spinner
Arcade Dance Floor
Arcade Pinball Machine
CyberPunk Shootout
Quack Attack