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Wired guides

Check out our guides on how to wire your events, campaigns or just your normal rooms!

Wired guides
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Latest Furni
latest furni
nft_oneway_paygate_test name
Trippy Elephant
NFT Credit Furni 100K
NFT Credit Furni 50K
NFT Credit Furni 10K
Forge Corner
Forge Bench
Forge Golem
clothing_nftmechapack name
clothing_nftmechahelmet name
Forge Wall
Forge Flooring
Forge Bar
Forge Chair
Forge Roller
Forge Juniper
Forge Stove
Forge Gate
Steampunk Habberge Egg
easter_c23_solarboxb name
Turquoise Candle (Earth Hour 2023)
nft_h23_sakuratemple name
Bunny Recycling Bin
Upcycled Wheelie Table
Salad Head
Exposed Pipe Divider
Solar Energy
Sunlight Skylight
Rechargeable Big Battery
Hibernating Bunny Bot
Squishy Bunny Backpack
easter_r23_bunnypod name
Thrifted Bookshelf
Reformed Patchwork Pants
Robo Bunny
Rechargeable Batteries
Bunny Archway
Mixed Terracotta Tile
Solarpunk Computer
Recycled Materials Table
Reformed Flower-Lover Shirt
Healthy Leftovers
easter_r23_bunnymech name
Grand Greenhouse Window
Delectable Chocolate Egg
Solar Flower Lamp
Bunny Craft Bot
Solar Power Box
Bunny Recycling Bin (non-crackable)
Distressed Trash Tank