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HxSS is coming!

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HxSS is coming!
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Latest Clothing
latest clothing

Want to know what your clothing items are worth? Check out our Rare Values now!

Sleep Time
clothing_r20_harmonyset name
clothing_darkelegantset name
20th Birthday T-Shirt
Gothic Fancy Dress
Neon Punk
clothing_slickedbackhair name
clothing_nt_silkgloves name
clothing_pencilmoustache name
clothing_r20_glitzytux name
clothing_nt_slickedbackhair name
clothing_nt_glitzypurse name
clothing_nt_chiseledface name
clothing_silkgloves name
clothing_nt_pencilmoustache name
clothing_flapperdress name
clothing_modernshortwave name
clothing_chiseledface name
clothing_nt_flapperdress name
clothing_glitzypurse name
clothing_starearrings name
clothing_nt_starearrings name
clothing_nt_modernshortwave name
clothing_spottedoctohat name
Graduation Cap (non-tradable)
Graduation Cap
clothing_sari name
clothing_r20_jewelbraidhair name
clothing_nt_moviestarmakeup name
clothing_snake name
clothing_grandexoticcape name
clothing_nt_moviestarhair name
clothing_grandsherwani name
clothing_turban name
clothing_nt_turban name
clothing_grandsari name
clothing_grandheadjewel name
clothing_sherwani name
clothing_headjewel name
clothing_moviestarhair name
clothing_exoticcape name
clothing_cobra name
clothing_moviestarmakeup name
clothing_r20_monkeyfezhat name
Orange Eyes
Charcoal Face Mask
Strawberry Eyes
Full Towel Wrap
Citrus Face Mask
Tomato Eyes
Towel Hair
Rose Face Mask
Cucumber Eyes
Mint Face Mask
Lower Towel Wrap
Eye Mask
Explorer Sash (Non-Tradeable)
Sports Shades
Rainbow Egg
Binoculars (Non-Tradeable)
Sports Shades (Non-Tradeable)
Nature Cap
Yoga Pants (Non-Tradeable)
Yoga Pants
Imperial Crown
Sporty Hair
Sporty Hair (Non-Tradeable)
Life Vest (Non-Tradeable)
Yoga Top
Survival Backpack
Life Vest
Hop Costume
Explorer Sash
Yoga Top (Non-Tradeable)
Survival Backpack (Non-Tradeable)
Imperial Robes
Heart Backpack
Gold Heart Backpack
Macho Tattoo
Chef Overalls
Bicolour Pigtails
Blue Waistcoat
Green Waistcoat
Orange Waistcoat
Pink Waistcoat
Gold Waistcoat
Dark Waistcoat
Purple Waistcoat
Rat Accessories
Red Waistcoat
Kitty Headphones
Diamond Heart Necklace
Starry Night Backpack
Golden Accessory Pack v.5
Crown of Frost
Snowman Suit (non-tradeable)
Pompom Beanie (non-tradeable)
Pompom Beanie

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