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Design our next HxHD

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Keep up with Habbo 2020 news

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latest badges
Icy Pony
Fire Gnome
Flower Face
Earth Viking
Rock Elder
Yellow Rune Rock
Pink Rune Rock
Purple Rune Rock
Green Rune Rock
Blue Rune Rock
You're the beary best!
Sew much to do, sew little time.
Feeling sus with HabboQuests
HabboQuests was the imposter!
Police Force Bundle
Big Habbo General Hospital
The Eight Trigrams
Sinister Shinobi
Sleigh Bells
Santa’s come early...
Bonfire Night 2020!
I survived HabboQuests’ haunted shop!
I escaped the endless hallway with HabboBites!
I entered The Twilight Dimension with HabboRPG!
Habbox Grand Designs
I discovered spooky monsters with Fuusio!
Avalanche of hugs!
BaW Asylum
BaW Asylum
Plushies Everywhere!
Fuusio witch you a Fa-boo-lous Halloween!
I went trick or treating with the fansites!
Happy 7th Birthday HabboQuests!
I completed HabboQuests’ Birthday run!
Mystery Inc. with HabboQuests!
Played the name game with HabboBites!
Hell's Bells
Witch, please...
Bank Bundle
Rare Ancient Oak Table
Rare Cosy Hammock
Autumnal Bench Scene Finalist!
Rare Bear Backpack
Autumnal Bench Scene Competition!
Pharmacy Bundle
Rare Winter Bear Accessories
Lamps Offer 2
Lamps Offer 1
Black Friday Offer
Happy Meowloween
Purranormal Activity
You defeated eHabbo!
Something lurks in the dark..
I be-leaf in you.
Thank GOURD you made it!
Toured the HabboBites Campus!
Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats
Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!
Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin
I opened Pandora'x box!
Terror from the deepest seas
Hellish Scarecrow
All eyes on you!
A divine mess-maker!
Welcome to the Impossible House!
HabboQuests Jurassic Habbo!
Rare Vintage Armchair
Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion
Rare Vintage Armchair
Flying High
Habbo High
Thanks for masking
Neo-lympics: Cosmo Craziness Champion
Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
Eerie Porch Bundle
Rare Living Hair
Creepy Living Room Bundle
Rare Pumpkin Costume
Haunted Library Bundle
Rare Melting Work of Art
Rare Housekeeper's Hourglass
Nightmarish Bedroom Bundle
Sobbing Fountain LTD!
Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion
Amb rabbit tail - Sept 2020
Amb Infobus - Sept 2020
System Overload!
Rare Purple Marquee
Rare Black Laser Portal
Rare Golden Laser Portal
Twitter Room Competition Winner
Twitter Giveaway Winner
Infected Laboratory Bundle
Hidden Treasure Bundle
Witch Academy Bundle
Haunted Lobby Bundle
Malaysia's Ketupat Dishes
I am Malaysian

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