Festival competitions!

Festival competitions!

Be on the look out for Habboxbury themed competitions and birthday fun across the site!

Festival competitions!
Habboxbury has landed!

Habboxbury has landed!

It's our 17th birthday! Check out all the treats we've got for you and win HUNDREDS of credits!

Habboxbury has landed!
Party on, Garth!

Party on, Garth!

Our birthday badge event is here! Party with us and get TWO exclusive badges!

Party on, Garth!
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Latest Badges
latest badges
Bollywood Video Competition Winner!
Growing Strong
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Coconuts with the Ambs - July 2020
Amb Infobus - July 2020
I | Habbox
Habboxbury 20'
I didn't get stuck in the Maple Run!
Happy Canada D'eh!
Habbo's 20th!
Defused the Bomb!
Tick-Tock. Can you hear it?
Caught the red hoodie stranger!
Caught in the chaos!
Welcome to Habbo!
Next stop, Habbo hotel!
HabboBites.. You're one in a melon!
Habbo Summer 2020
What a "moving" entry that was! Builder's Corp 2020
Builder's Corp: BaW Edition 2020
Completed the Glow Ball Run!
Battle Banzai Winner
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Rainbow Popsicle
HabboQuests LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
Rainbow Room Bundle
Nuttin like you
Into the sunset with HabboBites!
Said “I do” with HFFM!
Put on mehndi with HabboRPG!
Gifted the bride with Habbox!
Had a feast with HabboCreate!
Gifted the groom with HabboQuests!
Sultan's Palace Banquet Bundle
Ancient Civilizations Building Comp Winner!
Machines Offer 2
Machines Offer 1
Presidential Medal of Recognition
President Pulx’s Citizen Award
President Pulx’s VIP Award Ceremony
Farewell MaWma Peachery!
Red Devils
Blue Angels
Caution: The Floor is Lava!
Oh sheep!
King of the Hill!
Protect & Defend!
Base Invader
Twitter Giveaway Winner!
Sent from the moon.
In the name of the moon!
Rare Sleep Time
Rare Street Royalty
Carp Diem
Hooked on a feeling
Zeus's Lightning Bolt
Poseidon's Trident
Hades Bident
Ambs’ Tea Party - June 2020
Amb Infobus - June 2020
Defeated the Scourge of Habrule Castle!
Authenticating... Shabeikah Slate confirmed.
I always believed.
It's dangerous to go alone! So don't.
You are the light.
The Heavenly Eye
Pixel Manipulation Shurikenjutsu
To be decided
I won at Priorities' Mega Danger Zone!
Champion of Priorities' Mega Danger Zone
Pulx Presents 2020: BenFurni and ExtraKen. I Escaped Pompeii!
No Noob Offers
Tokyo Street Market Bundle
Luxury Cabin Bundle
Fira Village Bundle
Music Da'Beach Bundle
A Walk Down Trading Lane
iSmexi and B's Traders Event
Got fluffy with HabboBites!
[HIA] Habbo Intelligence Agency
[INT] Interpol
[NOPD] New Orleans Police Department
[USDF] United States Defense Force
[HDA] Habbo Defence Agency
[SS] Secret Service
[KoH] Kingdom of Habbo
[BO] Black Ops
[UN] United Nations
Coming together for Eid!
Eid Mubarak 2020
Emotional Baggage
Quacking up in Quarantine
Vibrant colors of India
Ruby, the Royal Elephant
Sacred Lotus

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