Habbox Competitions!

Habbox Competitions!

Fancy winning credits and other prizes? Check out what competitions we have open on our forum!

Habbox Competitions!
Join the Habbox family!

Join the Habbox family!

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Join the Habbox family!
Rare values!

Rare values!

Wanna find out what you're worth? Our dedicated team of furni buffs are on the job to keep rare values updated as they change!

Rare values!
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Latest Badges
latest badges
Toured the HabboBites Campus!
Secret Badge 3/3 - Wicked Bats
Secret Badge 2/3 - Caught in a spider's web!
Secret Badge 1/3 - Evil Pumpkin
I opened Pandora'x box!
Terror from the deepest seas
A divine mess-maker!
Welcome to the Impossible House!
HabboQuests Jurassic Habbo!
Rare Vintage Armchair
Neo-lympics: Galaxy Gladiators Champion
Rare Vintage Armchair
Flying High
Habbo High
Thanks for masking
Neo-lympics: Cosmo Craziness Champion
Neo-lympics: Space Soldiers Champion
Neo-lympics: Rockin Robos Champion
Amb rabbit tail - Sept 2020
Amb Infobus - Sept 2020
System Overload!
Twitter Giveaway Winner
Malaysia's Ketupat Dishes
I am Malaysian
The future of fansites starts with Fussio.net
Happy birthday, HabboCreate!
Warming the cockles of our hearts!
Adopted a dog with Satu and Cocoppa
National Dog Day with Satu and Cocoppa
Rare Vintage Sofa
Caught the Flag!
Back to School with HabboQuests!
DTL 2020
DTL: The Golden Vault
DTL tbc
I was hired by the Ministry
I partied all night long!
Happy 14th Birthday HFFM!
The best gift is you!
Jamaica Day with kalesalad!
Finishes the Jamaica Day Run as quick as a Doctor Bird!
Just jammin’ at Jamaica Day 2020!
Rare Autumnal Wishing Pond!
Rare VR Machine
Rare Cybernetic Faceplate
Rare Cyberpunk Robo-Wings
Neo-Habbo Mega Collector
Collectible Cyberpunk Battle Armour
Collectible Cyberpunk Holo Lens
Collectible Cyberpunk Striders
Collectible Cyberpunk Fins
Collectible Cyberpunk Sneakers
Collectible Loc Buns
Collectible Cyberpunk Gas Mask
Collectible Cyberpunk Visor
Amb Watermelon Juice - August 2020
Amb Infobus - August 2020
Plants Offer 4
Plants Offer 3
Plants Offer 2
Alien Metropolis Bundle
Undiscovered Planet Bundle
Autumn Days Bundle
Sleeping Quarters
Space Laboratory
Back to School Bundle Part Three
Engine Room
Command Centre
Back to School Bundle Part Two
Back to School Bundle Part One
HxSS Team Hubs
One for the books
Came to dance!
Habbo 20 - Designer Comp.
Habbo 20 - Frank's Outfit Comp.
As proud as a peacock.
You are one in a chameleon.
A berry refreshing run with HabboBites!
Peach please, I beat HabboBites Fun Run 3!
I had a splashing time at HabboQuests' Water Park!
Habbo 20 Block Comp
Habbo 20 Video Comp
Red Devils for the win!
Kickwars2020 Champion
I am confusion
Heal the Planet
You can't sit with us!
On Wednesdays, we wear pink!
Bollywood Video Competition Winner!
Growing Strong
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Coconuts with the Ambs - July 2020
Amb Infobus - July 2020
I | Habbox
Habboxbury 20'
I didn't get stuck in the Maple Run!
Happy Canada D'eh!

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