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Indian Palace furni is here!

Indian Palace furni is here!

Habbo's new campaign is live - check out all of the amazing clothing and furni available in the shop and to craft on our Wiki

Indian Palace furni is here!
Rare Values

Rare Values

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Rare Values
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Latest Badges
latest badges
I won at Priorities' Mega Danger Zone!
Champion of Priorities' Mega Danger Zone
Pulx Presents 2020: BenFurni and ExtraKen. I Escaped Pompeii!
No Noob Offers
Music Da'Beach Bundle
A Walk Down Trading Lane
iSmexi and B's Traders Event
Got fluffy with HabboBites!
[HIA] Habbo Intelligence Agency
[INT] Interpol
[NOPD] New Orleans Police Department
[USDF] United States Defense Force
[HDA] Habbo Defence Agency
[SS] Secret Service
[KoH] Kingdom of Habbo
[BO] Black Ops
[UN] United Nations
Coming together for Eid!
Eid Mubarak 2020
Emotional Baggage
Quacking up in Quarantine
Vibrant colors of India
Ruby, the Royal Elephant
Sacred Lotus
Jahmud's hidden treasure
King Shah Habbal's Palace
The final battle!
Looking for Princess Prisha
Anbu's magic book
Twitter Giveaway Winner
Ditch the Label 2020
Heroes Event with HabboQuests!
Honouring our heroes with HabboQuests!
I completed Kwls Maze!
This maze is Kwl!
Habbovision Song Contest 2020
One of the ten finalists in Habbovision 2020
Sultan Palace View Bundle
What a Nostalgic Weekend! 2020 Habbo Reunion
I won at all the Habbo Classic games!
I won at matt2205 Oddity & HOSKO02 Games
I won at mlp16 Flumix & Liver-Oil Games
Thanks a bunch, Mum!
Sent with love from HFFM!
Amb Tiny Infobus - May 2020
Amb Hub Relaunch Ducky 2020
I mastered wandlore with HabboRPG!
Craft 18 times
Craft 16 times
Craft 14 times
Craft 12 times
Craft 10 times
Craft 8 times
Craft 6 times
Craft 4 times
Craft 2 times
Craft 20 times
Your team got the most points in HBC's pub quiz!
Your team got EVERY question correct! Well done you!
Habbo President of Fun May 2020
Habelections 2020 - Final 10
The blood moon rises at BitesCamp!
Survived a bloody HabboBites Camp!
Habbovision 2020
I partied at Amaiazing's 1 year Habversary!
A Wild Encounter!
Swallowed by a Bear ª
Completed the Forest Cup race!
Completed the Galaxy Cup race!
Completed the Country Cup race!
Completed the Iceland Cup race!
Debate Hall Habelection Room Comp 2020
Went through Candy Land with HabboQuests!
HabboQuests Candy Land!
Happy Easter from HFFM!
I made Meadow Ranch BOOT-iful!
Stay Home, Stay Safe!
Rare Tiny Treehouse
Serenity Health Spa Bundle
Rare Royal Corgi
Rare Marimo Aquarium
Terrier's Habitat Bundle
Spreading joy from one balcony to another #StayInHabbo
Sofas Offer One
Sofas Offer Two
You are one with nature.
HBC's a-maze-ing masquerade.
I snaked my way up to the top!
Ours is the fury.
As High as Honour.
Easter Sweetness
Easter Gluttony
Classic Hotel View Bundle
Sky Spaceship Door
Grey Smoke Machine
Ocean Sleeping Bag
White Laser Portal