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The Insane 10 Hours They Call 'The Art Exam'0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:11 pm

Ok so, if any of you GCSE Students are about to do your Long and boring Art Exam, Here is a few tips and tricks to help you, well…


Ok so really the exam is standard, they follow the rules of any other exams which means:

  • No Talking
  • No Electrical Devices
  • No Eating
  • No Texting
  • No iPods
  • No Fun Of Any Kind

But, they have added a twist, you are also not aloud to:

  • Walk Around The Room
  • Get The Teachers Opinion

So really, your stuck in the same room, for 2 days, drawing…

…Hang On? Back in medieval time wouldn’t this be a form of Torture? 

Anyway Heres a few tips:

  • Space your time out, don’t rush, Maybe paint a bit and then relax, Keep calm which means you have a more steady hand
  • Ask your art teacher if you are aloud to listen to your iPods, some will bend the rules and let you (If you keep it so only you can hear the music)
  • Pre-prepare! Take your canvas home and sketch out what you are going to do, write in pencil the colors of paints you will need, so you don’t waste your time running around like a fool.
  • If you painting, take your own brushes, try and avoid the schools old and worn ones, they always, ALWAYS Have other colors mixed into them, or have split ends.
  • If you using a 3D Canvas try and paint the sides, this will Always get you at least 1-2 more marks (I asked my art teacher)

Well, I hope This Helped! and remember! Always Have Fun, Keep Calm, And Carry On!

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