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Habbox Forum is the official discussion board for Habbox. It’s a place for all members of the community to get together, discuss anything they can think of and become a more active member of the Habbox community. Members can help others and make suggestions on the forum of what they would like Habbox to be like.
The forum is also the home to many other departments – some which rely on forum threads, such as Competitions – and other departments which all have staff forums (with everything from handbooks to threads to report work) within the main forum!
The current Forum Manager is General Management (Acting).

Get involved

There are lots of things to do on the forum, and the great thing is most of these things are community-based which ultimately opens the grounds for discussion and communication. Members can express their opinion whatever it is, and can always do this by getting stuck in a debate with others.

As Habbox is a fansite for Habbo, there are a varied range of Habbo based forums also; including News and Rumours, which is the quickest way to get the breaking news on the new additions to the catalogue or the new easy way to obtain badges. There is also a split trading section where members can sell anything they desire from or even just ask about the origins of a certain item.

The best members from each section each month – as well as top posters – are given a prize of VIP and an award!

All the threads are looked after by Forum Moderator – if you think you’re cut out to be a moderator, check out the jobs on offer by clicking here!



The forum opened in 2004 and was run originally by Mizki and Sierk. Since then there have been a great many changes to management, structure, and the forum itself. Habbox Forum currently boasts almost 70,000 registered members (1,000 ‘active’ members), ranging from pre-teens through to those in their twenties, with almost the entirety of the member base being or having once been active Habbo Hotel users.

There have been many changes to the forum over the years – mainly minor things such as limits changing, vBulletin upgrades or small plugins being added, although a few large things have changed over the years including (but not limited to):

• New skins, especially when a new site skin is released, a new forum skin to match is released
• The introduction of Donator, VIP and VIP+ systems
• The introduction of Tokens and the Shop, where users can now buy name changes, VIP subscriptions, icons and much more

Forum Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Forum Manager since the department first started:

[table id=17 /]

Assistant Forum Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Forum Manager since the department first started:

[table id=18 /]

Staff Roles


The department has many different people, both official and unofficial, working in different capacities – from making sure the rules are followed to developing new features and maintaining the Forum.

Forum Moderator Moderators are responsible for ensuring forum rules are maintained throughout the whole forum, they have moderator rights in each forum section to deal with misbehaving members appropriately.
Super Moderator Responsible for helping oversee the moderation of the entire forum; this also includes enforcing avatar, signature and profile feature rules. Super Moderators also support Forum Management with leading the department and ensuring all is smooth.
(Assistant) Forum Manager These people run the forum as a whole, they help keep it updated and manage the moderation team. They’re also responsible for taking on board member feedback and acting upon it accordingly.
Forum Administrators A team of people who have specific roles; generally the administration team is built from Site Technicians, Forum Management, Features Management, General Management and some specific Site Coders.


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