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General Management

general management

         Content AGM       

          General Manager   

        Community AGM




Oversees all of the Habbox websites as well as Content Design, Graphics, Articles & Rare Values departments Oversees Habbox as a whole and supports the other AGMs, as well as overseeing the Site Coders and Forum departments Oversees community events as well as Events, HabboxLive, Competitions, Helpdesk, Recruitment Ambassadors and Room Builders departments

Habbox General Management manages the overall workings of Habbox on a daily basis. Currently, there are two (Assistant) General Managers, both doing different roles, and supporting each section of Habbox, each supported by the General Manager of Habbox.

The General Management team fall under Jin and Sierk, the co-owners of Habbox, but due to the owners’ lessening activity, often the final say about what happens on Habbox falls directly under the General Management Team. The General Management Team are responsible for the Department Managers, who report to each AGM throughout the month – often daily, so they are all kept in the loop with the goings-on at Habbox.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for Habbox as a whole. lawrawrr, the current General Manager, oversees everything that happens – from staff changes to having the final say on events.

The General Manager is in regular contact with Habbox’s owners, particularly Jin, where she passes on information about what’s going on at Habbox.

Finally, the General Manager also looks after two departments: Site Coders (with AGM Content) and the Forum.

Assistant General Manager (Content)

The AGM (Content) manages the content departments. Shonly, the current Content AGM manages all the departments which are content based. These include Graphics, Content Design, Articles and Rare Values. She is responsible for taking care of all complaints about content staff and is often seen taking appropriate action towards misbehaving staff member, as well as giving them their staff permissions on the Habbox Sites. Sho also receives reports from her department managers, which helps her guide them to make improvements where needed, and guides the managers when it comes to running and improving their departments.

Sho is also in charge of making sure the content on all sites is up to date, looks good, and fulfils the needs of the Habbox community and newcomers alike. This often includes coming up with new ideas for features which they either implements herself or refers to the Site Coders to work on. The AGM (Content) also helps the General Manager with looking after the Site Coders department.

Assistant General Manager (Community)

The AGM (Community) manages the community. Ozad, the current Community AGM, is responsible for HabboxLive, Competitions, Events, Recruitment Ambassadors and the Help desk, as well as looking after the Room Builders team. He deals with staff complaints, and gives ideas and feedback to managers when departmental monthly reports are submitted to him as well as giving staff permissions across the Habbox Sites. Managers need to report back to him regularly to ensure smooth running of the community departments.

James is also in charge of running most of the big events hosted by Habbox, including the annual Habbox Summer Spectacular, Easter Eggstravaganza and other events. This also includes official fansite events on Habbo.


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