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Help Desk
help desk

The Habbox Help Desk department plays a vital role for Habbox, providing not only help to users but as a front-of-house service for all users of Habbox. It is a cosy room on Habbo which is owned by a member of General Management – currently Despect. In this room, there is a team of people stationed ready to assist, known as ‘Help Desk staff’. Help Desk staff have been there for Habbo fans for over nine years now with ever changing faces, yet consistent high-quality help.

They provide the link between Habbo and Habbox. As well as this, the Habbox Help Desk offers a wide range of in-game help, as well as a fantastic hub to hang out. The design of the room is constantly being updated to fit the seasons and events running on the site.

The Help Desk is currently managed by Sian and RuthOnToast.

Get involved!

The Help desk is a great hub on Habbo not just to socialise with other members of Habbox and Habbo, but to get information, discuss the latest goings-on on client, and sometimes even take part in events. Click here to take you straight to the room!

Once a week, the Help desk runs its Saturday Night Quiz, giving members the chance to test their general knowledge skills with the prize of an award and a month of VIP! Saturday Night Quiz (SNQ) is held at 7:00 PM BST.

HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Award

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who just loves helping others, check out the jobs on offer by clicking here! HxHD would love to have you!!




The Help desk is an important department on Habbox. Over the 11 years Habbox has been open, HxHD has seen no less than 20 Department Managers.

Between 2004 and late 2008 there was a great demand and range of Help Desks on Habbo; however, due to better help facilities provided by Habbo, these rooms are no longer needed as much as they once were. Now this room acts more as a hangout room, providing great banter to socialise in whilst still helping those in need.

Almost all fansites now will have a fansite drop in room. This is extremely similar to Habbox Help Desk in the way that in the room you will come across some extremely friendly members of staff willing to answer any of your questions. Not only that, but a great atmosphere provided by the regular visitors to the desk.

Apart from that, Habbox Help Desk still provides help to those in need. Although now a somewhat niche market, there is a great demand for help within the desk which you will get efficiently. Habbox Help Desk provides a multitude of help from each of Habbox’s departments, as well as this it offers lots of help from in-game problems anyone may be having.

In the past it has normally been an (Assistant) General Manager of Habbox which has owned the Help desk. Up until late 2009, Habbox had no co-owner, that is until in comes Jin, long standing member of staff he was and is responsible for keeping the sites technical problems fixed and running.

Jin also, an active Habbo member took on the role as HxHD owner. This has enabled him to re-work the layout of the desk many times a year with help from each (Assistant) Help Desk Manager. Over the past few years there have been a whole range of hip layouts consisting of colourful plastic chairs and stylish executive furniture to classic petal patches and elegant throne sofas.

This has helped keep Habbox Help Desk fresh and a leading innovator in ways in which a site attracts users to its official fansite room. dispect is currently the HxHD room owner and does not design the desk. The desk is designed by Habbox users who submit their ideas and a poll chooses the winning design.


Help Desk Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Help desk Manager since the department first started:

[table id=25 /]


Assistant Help Desk Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Help desk Manager since the department first started:

[table id=26 /]

Staff roles


All staff members in the department are expected to spend time behind the desk helping Habbos who come in, as well as interacting with the Habbox community. Seniors oversee the staff members and help the managers out – and provide staff with a person to go to with their issues! All staff must spend 300 minutes a week behind the desk.

Help Desk Staff Normal staff make up the bulk of Help desk personnel. Their main task is helping Habbos who come into the Help desk, including welcoming them and making them feel comfortable. Other duties of normal Help desk Staff include room moderation and hosting the Saturday Night Quiz. The Help desk Staff are divided into groups, each led by a Senior HxHD staff member
Senior Help Desk Staff Complete normal Help desk Staff minimums, as well as having more control, power and authority than normal Help desk Staff. One of their main duties is to oversee the group that they lead, and write reports at the end of the month for the members in that group
(Assistant) Help Desk Manager Runs the department. They control the day-to-day operations of the Help desk and are above Senior Staff. They write reports for the Help desk Seniors, and are responsible for all happenings. They often report to General Management about the department and receive constructive feedback to improve


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