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Rare Values
rare values

The Rare Values Department has been around since 2004 and for a long time, was the best place to get credible values – used by thousands of Habbos each day. The Marketplace has taken Habbox’s crown in some places – however, Habbox is still the only place to get values free of bias/rigging, as the Marketplace can be prone to. Habbox also values items not available in the MP, including super rares, teleporters and more!

All values collected are based on an average value from a range of trades which have been witnessed or traded by Values Staff – they are not made up. The values are updated regularly to keep up with the rise and fall of many of the items on Habbo. However, Habbox is and has only ever claimed to be, a guide.

The current Rare Values Manager is DJ_Shadow.

Get involved


Keen traders are a common site on Habbo – and they are more than welcome to report values to the team, who will try and verify and keep them updated! Habbox is home to many Super Rare owners who post regularly in the trading forums – as well as historians who contribute to the information around the items of furni.

The sheer volume of furniture now available on Habbo can make it hard for the small team of Values staff to keep updated – which is why the community are urged to help out when it comes to reporting! There are other plans in the works as well to (hopefully) integrate them further into the system.

On the other hand, if you think you’re trading-savvy and want to give Values Staff a go, check out the jobs on offer by clicking here!



Rare Values has been the largest part of Habbox since 2004 and had the largest influence on values on Habbo UK before the merge in 2010. Many fansites over the past 10 years have tried to do their own take on values, but all have come and gone. It is very hard for them to crack the rare values market as Habbox has been around the longest and is more known for its values.

This means Habbox has to work extra hard to ensure that their values are as accurate as they can be. To do this, Habbox has a team of volunteers who update values or upload new furniture found or released by Habbo. Habbox is currently the only fansite that offers rare values, giving it a unique feature to the site.

Some people think that Habbox has the power to rig values – and there have been many cases in the past where staff have been accused of doing just this. This has never been the case – values are only changed when values are reported on HabboxForum or by the team of reporters. If the Rare Values Manager(s) believe that a value is wrong or possibly fake these values will not be counted, the manager, the assistant and Values Staff are the only ones (except General Management) who can report values, ultimately updating them on the site. Habbox uses an average system to get the values for every rare on the hotel when they are reported.

In 2012, another role was added to the department by Pigperson: Furni Editor. Now known as Assets staff, the staff members in this role are responsible for the images, tags, information and names of the furni – as well as adding all the new furni to the database.

Currently, the Values team is working on a reform, to coincide with the launch of Version 7 system (which wasn’t included in the original release), which will enable the staff to offer much more to the community.

Rare Values Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Rare Values Manager since the department first started:

[table id=29 /]

Assistant Rare Values Managers


The table below shows the name of people who have been Assistant Rare Values Manager since the department first started:

[table id=30 /]

Staff roles


There are different roles in the Rare values department, to ensure values are being submitted, they’re of a reliable quality and to make sure everyone gets to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, using the forum! Each staff member has regular contact with the (Assistant) Manager, where they would go to seek help and advice.
Trialist Rare Values Staff They join the department on a 2 week trial, after this time they’ll be a fully fledged member of staff, given they’ve passed their trial. After the trial, their values no longer need to be approved.
Rare Values Advisors They were introduced during the reform by lawrawrrr. They discuss ideas and give feedback on ideas mentioned by management/staff. Competition is very tight for these roles, and the people who fill them are generally well-respected on Habbo and Habbox for their knowledge when it comes to trading on Habbo, the Rare Values department itself or are just renowned for their good ideas.
Assets Staff These people are better at history, images and research. This is the other side to the Values role – they add images and names on the database; it’s their job to ensure everything is updated correctly.
Values Reporter These people are the integral part to the department – they’re the ones who value furniture and play and important role within the department.
Head/Senior Values(Assets) Staff These people aid junior staff (especially trialists) and will aid the Rare Values Manager when he/she is away and submit feedback with monthly reports.
(Assistant) Manager They’re the formal head of the department and write staff guides as well as working closely with General Management. The (Assistant) Rare Values Manager is in charge of staff relations, overseeing new elements in the department as well as writing the weekly/monthly reports.


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