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25000 Big Macs Eaten By One Man0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:14 pm

25,000 Big Macs have bean eaten by one man in the USA

Thirty nine years after trying his first, a retired prison guard has eaten his 25,000th Big Mac. Don Gorske from Wisconsin reached the milestone during a ceremony at McDonalds in his home town of Fond du Lac, where he was honored.

Don Gorske was recognized by Guinness World Records three years and two thousand Big Macs ago. The fifty nine year old says he will never stop eating Big Macs and plans to keep eating them until he dies.

McDonalds placed a sign under the golden arches which read ‘Congrats Don Gorske, 25,000 Big Macs’. Mr Gorske has collected many different styles of cartons over the years. It takes him only sixteen bites to finish a Big Mac.

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