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That ASMR Feeling4
By - Posted 5th February, 2016 at 1:28 pm The Real World

Have you ever had a weird tingle feeling when someone whispers to you or by watching someone concentrate on something? Well, I have and quite a lot of people have too! So, let me take you into the world of ASMR!

I’m going to take you back to Christmas Eve 2011. I have always found it difficult to sleep around Christmas, because Christmas is so massive in my family; I just love it. There I was, randomly on YouTube, when I came across a video by a not so well known YouTuber who goes by the name of Yanghaiying. She is this old Chinese lady who has lived in many places around the world, has many stories to tell, teaches art to young children, oh, and she makes ‘relaxing’ videos on YouTube. I ended up watching this video and falling asleep pretty much straight away. This video alone was able to lead me into the world of ASMR.

welshcakeASMR stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ but in short, it’s when people react to certain triggers such as whispering or scratching. Some people react by falling asleep and some get tingles all over their body. To most, this sounds very bizarre but as someone who does experience ASMR, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever discovered.

On YouTube and Reddit, there is a MASSIVE community of ASMRtists who upload videos to target people with ASMR. These videos can be super, super strange as many content makers like to experiment with different things such as costumes and layered sounds in order to give their viewers a unique experience. ASMRtists such as Heather Feather, with 325k subscribers, and also MassageASMR, with 315k subscribers, have a huge following of people who either claim to have ASMR or just enjoy the relaxing nature of the videos that they produce.

Back in 2011, ASMR was starting to become popular. Now, in 2016, most newspapers and TV chat shows have covered this topic. British ASMRtist Whispers Red has even been featured on LooseWomen at one point.
For such a bizarre thing, it sure is popular.

The point of this article is for me to pull together a few facts on the ASMR world for you all to read, but I’m sure most of you have heard of it! For me, ASMR is a massive part of my life and has really helped most anxiety and sleep problems that I have had. I also know that Empired is a fan of ASMR and uses the videos to relax. Then on the other side, I know when Zealoux has tried to view ASMR videos, she was just confused about how I could even sit through a 30-minute video of someone whispering random inaudible words.

Comment below if you have any experience with ASMR. I would love to find out if other people also have triggers or just enjoy to watch the videos.

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    Bolt660 commented on 5th February, 2016

    I absolutely love ASMR videos! Especially ASMR role plays for some reason! My favourite ASMRtists are; TheLyricalWhispers, Tinglyshoop ASMR and The ASMR Gamer. 🙂 I don’t often have triggers, however I do find them extremely relaxing and they help me sleep!

    welshcake commented on 5th February, 2016

    It’s weird that you mention them because they are all guys, right? Lots of people prefer women when it comes to ASMR but actually, I much prefer men. I love the sort of ‘amateur’ videos like this one boy called ASMRCylon idk why the vids are so crap but there is one that’s a massive trigger for me. Also, there are these really young boys called ASMR Kid and also RelaxingTingles and I really like their vids. Relaxing tingles don’t make them anymore though.

    Bolt660 commented on 5th February, 2016

    CylonASMR is another favourite too!! He did a mystic healing roleplay that made me so relaxed and calm!! I don’t know why most of my favourite ASMRtists are men, it’s weird haha! I do watch videos from a few women too though such as WhispersRed! She was on TV not long ago talking about ASMR 🙂

    welshcake commented on 5th February, 2016

    Yeah she did loosewomen it’s on her channel that episode 😉
    Cylon did a good dermatologist rp that i like but i’ve never been that into roleplays but i really like whispering and ear to ear which is common with like hairdressing and that

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