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3 Useful Apps To Keep You Organized0
By - Posted 19th June, 2016 at 8:03 pm The Real World

I used to hate apps. No idea why, but I just didn’t see the appeal in having so many on your phone. I’ve never been a social media addict… I thought that having all the apps installed would increase my activity, and turn me into one of those people that are constantly checking their phones mid-conversation… which I’ve always found rude. However, now that I’m working a lot more and actually doing things on my days off, instead of spending the entire day on my PC, I’ve found a bunch of apps that are useful in helping me organize my time better and making sure I get everything done without freaking out thinking I’ve forgotten something. If you’re having the same problem, here are 3 apps that might be of use to you…

Awesome Note 2 (£2.99)

This is one of the few apps I’ve spent money on, and I have no regrets so far. I’ve used it for about 2-3 months now and honestly… it’s so useful. I am currently using it to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, things I need to do, draft blog posts that I write on the go, and my work schedule. Okay, yes, I might be relying a bit too much on it, but it’s helped me a lot in time management and getting things done, instead of leaving everything until the last minute, and then continuing my habit of freaking out.


  • Can be used for short and as a writing tool
  • Keep your to-do list, diary, notes, and calendar in one place
  • Ability to design it how you want
  • Synchronizes with Evernote and/or Google



  • It costs. One time payment of £2.99, but it costs nonetheless
  • Does not synchronize with iCloud


Evernote (Free, or £5/month for premium)

Back when I was Competitions Manager, this app was my life. It’s great for keeping notes, lists, and ideas stored together for whenever you need them. I think a lot of people have used Evernote and haven’t actually realized how useful it is because they’d store a few notes and then didn’t see the big deal. It does more than let you write a new notes for later. It allows web-clipping (the ability to save bookmarks from your browser straight to your notes), capturing photos, it is easy to use, and synchronizes everything.


  • Synchronizes all notes on all platforms so you can use it anywhere
  • It’s free to use, unless you need the premium features



  • £5 a month for premium use, otherwise free.
  • Unable to make notes available for offline use without paying for premium
  • The free version is limited



If you have lots of things that you need to accomplish and could, if you worked on them for a certain amount of time a day, but never get around to it, then this app might be for you. It lets you list what needs done and arrange time to do it, keeps track of how often you do them, and then suggests times and dates in the future where you’re most likely to accomplish your tasks. It’s all very clever.


  • Good for managing time
  • Clear interface
  • It’s free!



  • For iOS only
  • You’ll receive a lot of notifications by default (although can be changed)


These are all apps that I use and like, but if you use another that is worth sharing then feel free to share in the comments below!

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