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4 Quirky Gift Ideas4
By - Posted 29th May, 2016 at 9:17 pm The Real World

There’s a quirky member in every family and if you can’t think of one in yours, it’s probably you. Finding the right gift for these people can be hard so sometimes you just have to find something that’s as quirky as they are. I’ve been given my share of strange gifts over the years because that’s my family’s idea of a joke. I’ve scoured the internet for some interesting gifts and here are the best ones…

Upside Down Wine Glass

I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would need this, but a part of me sort of wants it… mostly because it’s just a weird thing to own. The glass looks like a normal wine glass when it’s empty and you’ll only notice that it’s not a regular glass when it contains liquid.

If your cupboard is looking boring with all the standard glasses that you’d expect to find in a house then this upside down glass will turn your life upside down (quite literally…)

Licki Brush

This very (un)useful gadget lets you brush your cat… using a fake tongue made out of silicone. You stick it in your mouth and bite on it, approach your cat and then just… bop your head up and down(?!) while rubbing this plastic tongue against its fur…

You can sit there for hours licking your cat and look like a complete idiot in doing so. Best gift ever, right?


Flask Sandals

Have you ever been walking down the street in your favourite sandals and thought to yourself “gee, if only these sandals had a flask stored inside”? Well, evidently so did these people because they exist. Each sandal contains a 1.5 ounce flask that you can use to fill up with your favourite drink. However, I think you need an ID to buy them as people started using them to sneak alcohol into events…

If you run out of drink while you’re out, don’t worry. They even have a little bottle opener underneath so you can easily refill your sandals while you’re out!

Smart Gloves

I thought that I might as well include something that at least could be useful and this is definitely something that would be of use to me.

Tired of having to take your gloves off every time you need to send that important text? Well these gloves allow you to use your phone while wearing them. The forefinger, middle finger and thumb of the gloves and made of special material that allows your phone to recognise when you are touching the screen.

Never again will you have to choose between warm hands or texting!

Have you even received a strange gift? Know of any other ones? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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    David commented on 21st June, 2016

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