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4 Ways To Break Creative Block1
By - Posted 13th June, 2016 at 6:26 pm The Real World

Not sure if I would go as far as calling myself an artist, but I do a lot of art when I’m not working, and it’s been a hobby of mine for a few years now. I deal with creative block way too often than I want to admit. I will often really want to work on something, but have no idea what it is I want to do, therefore stay sat staring at the screen for hours until I eventually give up. Here are some tips for overcoming this block so you can finally get that project finished.

Find some inspiration

Whether you want to look at magazines, books, or search the internet, finding a way to inspire yourself is a good way to make progress. I usually go on DeviantArt and have a look at other people’s artwork for a while.

Make sure you get enough sleep

A good night sleep can boost your creativity beautifully, and is a big help when it comes to focusing and getting things done. I went a week with 5 hours sleep and got nothing done. When it came to the weekend, I had 8 hours sleep and ended up finishing the entire project. Trust me, it works.

Have more than one project at the same time

This stops you from getting bored of working on the same thing. You can switch from one to the other so you don’t get fed up of looking at the same piece for hours.

Distract yourself

Some people find this silly, but if you find yourself staring at your work having no clue what you want to do next, do something else. Go out of the house, play a game, read a book, watch TV, listen to music, or whatever it is you like doing. Clear your mind and then go back to it. You’ll find it easier to focus and get things done. However, set yourself a time limit so you don’t end up doing what I do… end up watching TV shows for 7 hours straight, and never actually going back to the project…

These are all things that work for me and I always finish it in the end. Find out what works for you and remember to do it. If you have any other ways that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to share them below!

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    Bikini commented on 13th June, 2016

    As a Kitchen designer, I consider myself an artist. A special type of artist. I totally get the sleep part. Trying to clear your mind is so much harder than it looks to sleep because you have SO much on your mind!
    Great article!

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