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5 Unique Music Videos!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm
Find out which 5 videos ‘’ have named as the top 5 unique music videos! 

Quite often, music artists come up with some extravagant music videos to promote their latest singles (at the time) and there are quite a few which will definitely stand out from the crowd. have chosen the 5 videos which they consider “the most unique music videos” and there is definitely a range of characteristics! There’s a music video made out of jelly beans, a music video which supports… well, you’ll just have to keep reading and find out!

Here they are… the “Top 5 unique music videos”:

1) “Are you happy now?” by Megan and Liz

Megan and Liz first got noticed by a record company, when they started uploading videos (of theirselves singing) to YouTube. The one song which gripped their record company was their cover of Demi Lovato’s “Here we go away”. The ‘Are you happy now?’ video, gained them the most popularity. The video was directed and recorded by 90210’s ‘Shenae Grimes’ as part as an anti-bullying anthem for the organisation ‘Do Something’.

Here is the link to the ‘Are you happy now?’ video;

* Their next single will be released on iTunes on the November 15th 2011, with the title ‘A Twinning Christmas’.

2) “In your arms” by Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis first became well-known after winning the ‘Doritos, crash the super bowl’ contest, resulting in a contract with Interscope Records. Her name became even more well-known thanks to her song ‘In your arms’ being featured in the film ‘Pretty little liars’ & thanks to YouTube for a tremendous amount of advertising on their behalf. The music video was very time-consuming and required a HUGE amount of effort, here are some facts about the video;

– The video took 22 months (or 1,357 hours to be exact) to create
– 30 people, 2 ladders and 1 still camera was required when directing the video
– Get ready… 288,000 jelly beans were required for the video!!!

Here is the video:

* Kina’s new single ‘Stairwell’ is now available on iTunes!

3) “The one that got away” by Katy Perry

Here’s a very well-known name! Katy Perry released the music single for this song only a few days ago and it has already surpassed 5 million views! The short premiere for this video was released on November 11th and certainly caused a lot of anticipation for the release of the full video. Katy says she chose the video to show a different side of herself and it certainly worked. The video tells a tragic story (featuring Mexican actor Diego Luna) about a regretful end to a relationship.

Here is the video:

4) “Disaster” by JoJo

This single is part of JoJo’s comeback album titled “Jumping Trains”. This album is her first created since 2006 (5 years) and is scheduled to be released early next year, but she couldn’t wait that long to release a video for her newest single and has already uploaded the video to YouTube. The video shows a more intimate side of JoJo and how she deals with a bad relationship.

Here is the video:

5) “Santa Claus is coming to town” by Justin Bieber

Jump straight into the holiday cheer with Justin Bieber’s newest music video… an animagic version of “Santa Claus is coming to town!” This song mixes a classic holiday tune with a modern beat to create a fantastic ‘tune’ combination! This song can be found in his new album ‘Under the Mistletoe’ which is already #1 in the Billboard Charts.

Here is the video:

* Thanks to HabboxForum members for providing this list!

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