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A Day in the life of… Content0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:42 pm

A Content Designer, by Skynus

Content isn’t the most demanding job in the world. Being a senior, I do have to do slightly more, but it’s still a nice job. At the moment we’re working on the big update to Version 7 of Habbox.com, so there’s a lot more for me to do, being the main site senior.

When I log on in the morning, I check the forum for any important threads or information, and any PMs I may have got from the staff asking questions/requesting updates to their pages. After replying to them (and a few interesting threads), it’s straight to check on the pages currently in progress. It’s my job to see if there’s been any updates, and change them on the main site if there has been. Today there was only a few minor ones – a quick copy and paste and we’re sorted. I noticed today that some of the staff haven’t updated their pages or have been doing other things, so I’m going to send them a PM giving them specific jobs to do!

Apart from talking to xxMATTGxx, Inseriousity., SyrupyMonkey, Intricat, Recursion and iAdam (the General Managers and Site Coders) so they can give me jobs and answer my questions, that’s pretty much it for the Habbox site. Content designers are also responsible for the wiki too – an information bank for Habbo. I’ll let laura tell you about her roles on the wiki!

On the wiki, I have to update the pages to make sure they are top quality. Due to my experience with News, most of the time I update the pages with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (or SPAG as we call it), but I also add information, images and links between the pages to make it easier to navigate. At the moment I’m working on rewriting all the Public Rooms pages with information. Finding the images from Google is difficult enough, finding information on the campaigns is even harder!

Thankfully, I have a large image bank with the majority of room designs which makes things much easier for me. The wiki can be edited by anyone, so I also check that there’s no spam bots or trolls who are putting incorrect or irrelevant information on the site. I didn’t find any today, but I usually report one or two accounts every week to the Manager who bans them.

Thank go to Skynus and Laura for contributing to this first article of the series, and we remind you to read the next article tomorrow. To share any views click “Read More & Comment”.

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