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A Day in the Life Of… Graphics0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Graphics – laura

It’s my turn to tell you about my day now! Not only am I the Assistant News Manager, but I’m also part of the Graphics department! Graphics is one of the most integral roles at Habbox, as without us you’d be looking at a pretty boring collection of text on a plain background! We make everything from Forum badges, to banners and signatures, and even the main design of the webpage you’re on right now.

For the last few days I’ve been working on the graphics for the new Radio Plays Inseriousity. has set up. After he requested the graphics, the team was set to work with the specifications he asked for – scenes from different genres. We decided on Romance, Sci-Fi, Western (cowboys) and Horror. For the ones I was making (Sci-Fi, Western and Horror), I started by making some backgrounds. I used an old promotional image for the Western one, and built bits of a room for the other two (as sometimes I can’t find the exact screenshot I need on google or on pre-made rooms). 

After I’ve done that, I find all my little images to add. On Photoshop (the program we use) I separate everything into layers; background, text and characters. I’ve got 6 different layers for the Horror one – for each little alteration! I use alts I find from other Habbox members or free-

to-use alteration generators, changing bits and pieces to fit the theme. For this one, I’ve edited a vampire alt I found to look like Inseriousity. – which you can see on the left! A bit of extra adding to the scene, including making a quick alteration to tie up 
SyrupyMonkey (it’s so much fun devising cruel punishments for the AGMs, even if I do get told off frown.gif). Same process for the other two banners I make, with different scenes and images on it. Then it’s just finding a nice font from my stash of 600-odd, and making it look nice. That means adding the right colours, a stroke, and making sure Anti-Alias is right, so it looks just perfect.

After I finish, I post them in the Graphics forum for the other staff and manager to look over. Cameron likes them but reminded me I forgot to add shadows under the Habbos (something I always forget to do). It only takes about 5 minutes to add them, I repost and the request is finished! Time for a nice cup of tea, until the next task is posted!


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