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Habboxween is coming....

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Habboxween is coming....
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A Day in the Life of… HxL0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

HabboxLive Staff – LiquidLuck.

I haven’t been a Radio DJ for very long, but I love it here at Habbox. It’s the main part of my day (how sad)! As soon as I wake up I start my day by looking at the HabboxLive panel (the website we use to book slots and go online to DJ through) to see which slots are booked and since I’m curious, by who. I also make sure that there’s not huge gap, because if there is I’ll be sure to book!
Next I count how many slots I’ve made so far this week, to see if I’m in need of any more to hit my minimum. I always make sure I at least do the 3 hours DJing minimum and usually more – but even if I’ve met the minimum I still keep working as that’s the point of having this job! I see when I can book for the next few days usually hoping my mother won’t be home to listen to me broadcasting.
Next it’s a quick trip over to HabboxForum to check what’s new. As staff, we need to get involved in the community more than anyone to show how it’s done, and promote our shows, as well as communicating with the managers/other staff to keep on top of things. Once I’ve checked the threads I like and commented them if I felt like it (usually comment quite a lot as I like to start proper conversations and discussions) I then move to my Department forums. I have to check the HabboxLive forums before any broadcast to see if there are any changes. For example, I need to know about new trialists (to welcome them), any new rules, or even see if the password has been changed, otherwise I’d never get online!
If there’s new trialists or even new HabboxForum members I usually contact them and help them with whatever they need, usually while updating my SAM broadcaster. Most days I buy and download some new songs, after I check the chart and Habbox to see what the most popular songs are. After that I make sure they are good quality and have no swearing in them! Little tech check after – that my microphone and encoders are working the way they should be.
Then it comes to broadcasting! I usually do one show a day, so after planning the song layout and what I’m going to talk about, I also figure out what furni I can give away during the hour, for a competition or something. Bigger events, such as Win A Room, I tend to plan days in advance to make sure I’ve got everything ready and advertised. Once I’m on air it’s just following the normal schedule – songs, talking and competitions, mixed in with reading all your lovely shoutouts, requests and mingling in the party room or event! The only other big thing that I deal with is the changeover.
There is more to say about changing DJs than meet the eye – it seems so simple but it’s not! You need to have the right timing and know what you’re doing with the encoders. This is used to start broadcasting and end it as well, usually using msn or skype to communicate with the other DJ. I’ve been banned so many times now asking for their skypes or msns!
Thanks to LiquidLuck. (aka Kikali31, aka DJ Zahz) for taking the time out to record her day for us! 

Although it’s the end of Back 2 School week, A Day in the Life will still be continuning until we’ve covered every department – so tune in tomorrow!

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