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A Day in the Life Of… News0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

A News Reporter – Grig

It’s a good life, a magical life, a life glistening with fun! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the life of a Habbox News Reporter. Now, sometimes I am sober for long enough to appreciate the lovely department and the processes that are needed in order to achieve perfection on paper (or as technology has become significantly more advanced since my youth, a computer). 
To some, News many seem dreary and mundane, almost as some chore or essay. However, these pundits could not be more wrong. The process is actually quite intriguing and informing. The reason being is when you are a News Reporter, you become informed with the news 

stories from Habbo and that big real-life world that many forget about it. Yes, Mr. Garner, it exists and there is a whole other world beyond your computer screen! As a News Reporter you get the bottom of some key issues, really researching into those serious stories such as the controversy to hit Habbo this summer.
Now, I could idolize News all day; however, let’s look at my day as a News Reporter. I come into the office quite hungover usually, have many cups of tea, some Panadols and start my first news report and with it the process of actually writing it. Yet when I say writing it, I don’t actually mean ‘writing’. There are a number of steps I do during my day as a reporter before I can get into the nitty-gritty of things. Firstly, I need to research the subject area. So, if I am writing an article about Samanfa becoming Sulake CEO, I need to look at multiple sources. Many sources include official press releases and news feeds from other sites. I have to look at various sources of information in order to obtain the best results. For furniture, Habbox has a feed of new furniture and furniture codes that we can dive into, in the deep dark depths of the news offices, where in retrospect you would also find Laura pouncing around with her claws out! Or maybe that’s some sort of hidden brothel that I’ve not been made aware of yet.
OK, so let’s get back on topic again. Now that I have all my sources, I need to extract the most important bits of information. Hence, if it’s an article about Samanfa becoming Sulake CEO, I need to obtain the core facts of age, experience, whether she’s single or not (for my purposes) and her manifesto for the future of the company. When you’re a reporter, you must answer the following questions: who, what, why, where, when and how. This insures that a reporter has all the relevant facts and thus a good factual article. Further to this, I can now start writing my article. I usually use Microsoft Word, as it’s the best software to employ and has a fast and effective spell check. Once written I can paste the article on the main site and find an image. Obviously it needs to be an appropriate image. Hence, if I have an article about Samanfa becoming Sulake CEO and link it with an image of Laura’s genitals, then that will have no relevance to the story. Anyway, never post inappropriate images or you’ll be thrown out of the department faster than a Hollywood actor has plastic surgeries. Once I find that perfect picture, I go for lunch and more alcohol. 
Once lunch is over, I grumble to some fellow rogues on the Habbox staircases and return to work. The second part of my day sometimes consists of writing opinion pieces. I specialize in articles from the world of reality TV and politics. Sometimes, you see me writing longer pieces of such articles, like the one entitled ‘Hilary Clinton 2016?’ that I’m about to do. However, if there is a breaking Habbo news piece, I sometime have a bell chucked on my head and start churning that article out ASAP, with the opinion piece put on hold. This is crucial, as here at Habbox News we go beyond borders to bring you the latest Habbo news first. The processes mentioned above then repeat themselves.
So there you go! A day in my (Grig’s) life. It’s a great news department and maybe I could see some of you join in for the adventure. As for me, it’s alcohol o’ clock!
Thanks Grig for writing this – remember APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN if you fancy joining us here *shameless department plug*

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