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A Day in the life of… Rare Values0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

A Rare Values Reporter, by ,AAiden

Well the first thing I do when I wake up in the moring is load my computer. I then go on Habbo and Habbox Forum to check for any updates or new  furni, before heading off to school. When I get home from school I immediately go on Habbo and start the majority of my Rare Values work.

What I will do when I log on is to go into rare shops, by searching ‘rare shop’ on the browser. I will then buy certain items, for instance yesterday I got a Blue Dragon Lamp for 21c, and I proceeded to add it onto Habbox Rare Values by going onto Habbox.com.  Going onto the ‘Staff Panel’, clicking on the ‘Manage Rare Values‘ I then search for the item; I must then add a new price onto it. I also buy smaller valued rares, such as Green Parasols which I bought for 7c and Violet Spaceship Doors for 9c each.

Later in the day I will open my own rare shop, generally with a friend, using a group room, so we can both drop our rares in together. Most of the items we sold were sold for 1c under the Marketplace price, and any sales were again reported to Habbox Rare Values. I was careful however not to report an item that another person had already reported at the same price, as this would not count towards my minimum, but would count towards my declined values.

In the evening, before going to bed, I generally will check the leaderboard on the Staff Panel, to see if the values I have posted have been declined and/or accepted yet. If i notice a change in values on the leaderboard, I will know that this has occurred, and will be able to plan further ahead to ensure that I meet my minimum.

Thanks go to ,AAiden for contributing towards this article, and we remind you to read the next article tomorrow. To share any views click ‘Read More & Comment’

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