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A Frosty February0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:32 pm
Throughout December and January, experts were worried about adverse weather conditions effecting the United Kingdom. Although some snow fell during these months, it has not been nearly as horrific as the previous two years.

Now January has been and gone, we all thought that the weather was improving. We couldn’t have been more wrong!

After a frosty and cold week, snow hit parts of the UK today. Although it has not snowed as badly as the met office anticipated, Britain is still being prepared for more snow to come.

The adverse weather is said to be coming from the arctic circle, bringing frost and arctic conditions with it. This was not anticipated until only a few days before the cold patch, and this gave local authorities, councils and the government little time to prepare for what was to come.

As always happens when it snows, it is being questioned whether we have a sufficient amount of salt and grit to keep transport links and routes open during this cold patch.

Personally, I like the snow if it falls in winter months, but when it comes in February I think it is a nuisance. I think this because people make arrangements to combat the snow during winter, such as buying salt and putting antifreeze in their vehicles. People do not generally expect it to snow later in the year, and this catches people ‘off guard’, so if it snowed less in February than in December, more disruption could be caused in February.

You have heard my views of the weather, and I would love to hear yours! Simply click read more and comment to leave them!

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