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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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A-maze-ing: Impossible Maze by Zak0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

The Impossible Maze- owned by cloning

      I couldn’t write a series of Maze reviews without including Habbox’s very own official maze. First created in 2011, cloning (also known as Zak from HabboxForum), has regularly updated and changed features and room designs. Most recently, he completely rebuilt the main room into a pyramid-esque design (just before the release of the new Egyptian furniture – how annoying). I love this new room as it combines the themes of typical Trade Cities (the pyramid in that shape room) while still having the typical maze elements; the snake maze around the edge and the VIP area to the right.

Zak has managed to do what many other maze owners fail to do – in that he uses expensive furniture (pillows and petal patches) without looking over-the-top and too showy. His technique and eye for detail is carried throughout the maze – each room is designed really well. Nearly all of the rooms have different themes with different ranges of furniture, but it all somehow fits together to create a ‘patchworked’ overall theme.

One thing I love about this maze is that there is a large diversity of games – luck, strategy and skill – and even some levels which are easier (although not necessary) to complete in a group. The only annoying feature is many of the rooms having automatically closing gates, so once the game is completed only one person can go through – and if another player is waiting they’ll be able to get through before the person who finished that level.

I never actually managed to finish this maze – it’s extremely long (over 30 rooms) and after 2 hours I gave up as I was blocking (by accident) in one of the rooms. I’m hoping to go back and finish it sometime next week as it is definitely the best maze I’ve played on Habbo. Don’t expect to whiz through it straight away – it’s not called impossible for nothing!

A fantastic maze – I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a maze to play. You can visit the room here and leave your own review in the comments!

Don’t forget you can also comment with a recommendation for me to review next week!

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