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A-maze-ing! Saw: The Torture Chamber0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:38 pm

Saw: The Torture Chamber – Owned by MixedBeautyy

This is the first ever Saw maze I’ve properly played, and I seriously have to say it’s pretty amazing. I’m only going to talk about the main room in this review, but suffice it to say, they all live up to the same standard. Each room has its own story and individual theme, and MixedBeautyy has really used the furni to great effect – quite creatively in places too. Like any multi-room maze, there are rooms which are worse than others, but even the worst one I saw still looked good.

My host for this round was a lovely Habbo by the name of PlanetBomb, and the other hosts who were in the
first room (and that I played with after) also seemed really nice, happy to chat to people! There’s a timer above the entrance which restarts every 10 minutes, and a game usually begins every time, if there are hosts available.

There’s definitely always people available to play – there’s over 16,000 members of the group at the moment, and never less than 10 people in the first room, and they were all sharing tips & tricks to pass each room, so they’d obviously been there before! You do have to be a member of the group to play the maze, which is a bit annoying, but that’s the case for so many mazes these days.

The great thing about the torture chamber is it’s not ridiculously difficult. The first time I played, I managed to get up to the 13th (out of 21) rooms, and was the last one surviving. I’ve not finished it yet (I’m terrible at Snake mazes – yes, there is one of those), which really helps to make the maze more exciting – it uses a mixture of luck, teamwork, skill, and experience.

One piece of advice I’d give you – listen to your comrades – they usually help! Even though MixedBeautyy keeps adding more rooms to the maze, which keeps it fresh, exciting and new, enough people regularly play it to know what to do. If in doubt – stick behind and watch someone else do the wrong thing! See you there!

You can visit the room here, and leave your own review in the comments below! Happy Maze-ing!

If you have any suggestions for good mazes for me to review next week, you can also suggest them in the comments!

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