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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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A-maze-ing: Tree Top Pyramid Maze0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Tree-Top Pyramid Maze – owned by Josh2081 and Tourguides

I felt like I was stepping back a few years when I entered this maze! It really reminded me when almost every Habbo owned a maze, but 9 out of 10 times, it was never any good.

However, the actual maze elements in this one I really enjoyed – the two owners have really worked hard to make a varied and fun maze. Although there weren’t any unique rooms (I don’t really think ‘unique’ even exists on Habbo any more – most ideas are copied and altered a bit), the way they have laid out even simple rooms like Floating Furni is really innovative, and not what you’d expect from the looks of it.

I’m not sure why they’ve called it the Tree-Top Pyramid Maze. The pyramid refers to the pyramid of (pixel) chairs in the main room. Like I’ve said in a previous report, I love the blending of traditional trade city themes (such as the pyramid) into mazes – they’re not the easiest things to navigate and less experienced Habbos were stuck at the bottom as I raced my way to the top. If the owners want to keep this name, I’d suggest putting some more tree-related furni in at least the main room – with the release of the new furni they could actually design a really nice room.

The thing which really puts me off of this maze is the use of furni throughout. Most of the furni is pixel or things you might find in a 1c shop, so you can tell the owners didn’t have a lot to spend. If they did I think this could definitely be one of the best mazes on Habbo! However, they do have a few really nice ideas – such as the firework which goes off every time a Habbo completes the first room!

The owners are usually online, and Tourguides even came to give me and the people I was playing with a few hints along the way. It’s great to see such active, helpful owners! It’ll be interesting to see how they develop the maze in the future.

You can visit the room here and leave your own opinions in the comments below. Happy Mazing!


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