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A Royal Catwalk!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:12 pm
Time for a catwalk! Not any catwalk, a Royal Catwalk!

That’s right! It was the royal wedding today, what a day to have a wedding! It’s all sunny – probably because of Kate’s smile! It was all fancy at the wedding to be honest (I know its royalty but you know…) They had weird hats and big dresses, that is what I’m here to talk
about – the dresses and uniform! So, sit back and enjoy my very own… Royal Fashion Show!

First up is our new Duchess of Cambridge! If you are wondering who our new Duchess is its the one, the only, Kate Middleton! What a shocker she was. Kate wore the traditional type wedding dress. Like most of the Royal Family she wore a ‘cover up dress‘ which was basically covering her arms and her
whole body. Her dress train wasn’t as long as Diana’s but was close! She also wore the Queen Mother’s tiara with a beautiful veil covering her smiling face. Also, her dress was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Next up is our Duke of Cambridge! Our Duke of Cambridge is Prince William! Was he dressed for a wedding? Not really but he made sure we saw the real side of him. Although Kate wore white, William wore red. The Prince wore his scarlet military uniform to signify his high rank in the Irish Guards. On his chest he wore a blue sash with a Royal Air Force medal. He also wore a black hat to signify his rank. My personal thoughts on this uniform is… the uniform William was wearing wasn’t very wedding-like but I guess he wanted to show off his high rank.

God save our gracious Queen! Oh… whoops. My fault! I just saw the Queen at the Royal Wedding. I guess you want to hear about her? Okay then, I’ll tell youabout her dress. Well I guess she looked like a banana? She was yellow I tell you, yellow! She wore a yellow hat and a yellow dress. She even wore a yellow flower! I have to admit thought, she was a pretty banana on the day. I think the colour was yellow but some other people would say it is a peach colour but it isn’t! My rating on the Queen’s outfit would have to be a 7/10!

This will be my last Contestant for my Royal Fashion Show! This lady is the mother of the new Duchess! I think you guessed it, its Carole Middleton! Now, her dress was traditional too! Just like Kate’s. No, it wasnt a wedding dress, it was a light blue dress with a light blue hat. As always her hair was perfect! Not one bit of hair was out of place. With the perfect hair came the perfect smile, just like Kate! Carole was smiling away and didn’t cry one bit when William married Kate. My rating on this outfit is 8/10!

If you want to know more about the Royal dresses, check out the BBC website, you can find most things there! The best outfit(s) of this wedding would have to be Kate and William’s! They are such a happy couple! I hope you enjoyed the Royal Catwalk! I guess anything can happen at a Royal Wedding!

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