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A Stickie Situation!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

What’s black and sticky and riddled with padlocks? The stickies – that’s what.

Broken StickiesYes, it’s true; our beloved post-it notes have fallen victim to the new safety precautions. Onlookers were
horrified when they discovered their lifeless stickies – mere skeletons now – clinging onto the wall with every last bit of strength they could muster.

Upon clicking a stickie, we are presented with a black square with no text. The only way to view the hidden message is by highlighting it, and then you must painstakingly decipher the medley of padlocks that block out all the censored words – cryptologists unite! 

Whether we’ll see the return of our colourful, padlock-free friends is yet to be known, but one thing’s for sure: nobody wants to say farewell to such a dandy and useful piece of furniture just yet.

I need stickies to host my competitions!“, cried one distressed member of HabboxForum – a view that seems to be the consensus among the community.

Stickies have played a vital role in Habbo for many years; they inform people of rules and instructions and also allow light-hearted comments to be posted onto your friend’s wall. Without stickies, groups may become harder to join and games may become harder to play as instructions will be limited to the small room description. Is this the last we’ll see of stickies? I sure hope not…

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