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A world of pure imagination!2
By - Posted 22nd July, 2015 at 12:00 pm Habbox

I’m not going to lie – I’ve never seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I read it as a kid (and the Glass Elevator!) but I’ve never seen the films. Oops!

However, the one thing I loved as a kid was imagining all the chocolates and the wacky ideas and things Willy Wonka came up with! I used to love imagining the cool things all these chocolate bars could do – and coming up with some of my own too!

One of these that I remember in particular was a chocolate bar with popping candy in – NOW THESE EXIST MAY I POINT OUT – because I loved both those things SO MUCH so putting them together seemed like a good idea!

Then we had more magical things in my imagination like a chocolate bar that could make you float, turn you invisible, have different flavours depending on your mood and packaging that could turn into X-Ray specs… needless to say I was a very imaginative child. I just wish I had the energy to actually go market these ideas or turn them into real products!

As part of our Chocolate Factory competition, we’re giving away a prize for someone who can come up with a cool idea. Go find the competition by clicking here and enter your cool and wacky ideas… PS you can’t reuse any of mine!

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    guitarenchi commented on 24th July, 2015

    To be honest, I have never seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Only heard of it. When I was younger, I saw the poster on my school bus and I was imagining myself in a world of chocolate goodness. I don’t even know how. LOL! I was imagining myself in a land filled with chocolate (even though I don’t really fancy chocolate now), and apparently there were chocolate waterfalls???? and like the stream was filled with chocolates & the pavement were chocolates too??? Ok and like apparently I was imagining Charlie to be a total creep. Like a creepy dude trying to steal my chocolates?? like w0t even. Apparently I was the queen of chocolates there ( WTF WAS I THINKING ) and I had like magic (um). So I fought with Charlie & manage to save the land of chocolates.

    And when I got back to reality, I’m just like ” do the land of chocolates actually exists? ” & whenever I go to the mart, I was hoping for chocolates and that actually teleport me there?

    Hope you had a great time reading this as I had a great time typing this haha 🙂 This just throwsback to like years back <3

    guitarenchi commented on 24th July, 2015

    I was hoping to find chocolate bars that can actually teleport me there. ***

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